Easy Matrix Calculator

by HAN Software

A scientific calculator

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: HAN Software

Release: Easy Matrix Calculator 5.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Matrix Calculator is a free download through the store mobile phones operating with at least a windows 8 system. It also supports at the bare minimum x64, x86, ARM, and ARM64. There are multiple versions that can be downloaded to get exactly what you're looking and stay with the latest updates. Keeps you from having to buy a scientific calculator or a more expensive texas instruments calculator that is bulky and breaks down all the time or runs out of battery. A phone is always with you and it can handle more and more complex tasks aside from just the bare bones operations we learned in grade school.


  • Has the ability to compute scales, matrices, transpositions, determinants, inverses and in the future even reductions. So look out for the next update soon!
  • Has an enhanced keyboard that can now include negative values as well as just positive ones. 
  • Has the functions to copy & paste problems so chained calculations can be done seamlessly without the messy issue of having to remember numbers or put them down somewhere else. 
  • Has a landscape view splash screen for optimum viewing pleasure to meet enhanced expectations.

In conclusion, it is always good to be prepared and be able to do quick calculations at the drop of a hat. You never know when you might need to calculate a bill, tip, or tax. You don't want to be that jerk holding up the line or unable to answer a simple question. And nobody likes to be surprised by how much the total will be at the end of a shopping trip. People always have their phones with them, and this can do more than just add or subtract. Why waste scratch paper or your arm or hand and struggle to find a pencil or pen that writes when a phone's already in your hand. This software is simply a must-have. No brainer. 

It's is very convenient to just pop up and access when a math crisis happens in your life.
Aaron Yates
Easy Matrix Calculator is a software designed for a mobile devices running Windows 8 or above on a minimum x64, x86, ARM, and ARM64 architecture designed to replace expensive scientific calculators like a Texas Instruments calculator. It is capable of calculating complex mathematical problems that include matrices, determinants, transpositions, and more. It offers a landscape view and easy copy and pasting options for chaining complex functions.
This is a cad application product that can be used for the conversation and editing of maps, images and drawings. Very helpful and useful product that has the capability of being used even by someone who has no previous ecperience or knowledge using this type of application. Has the ability to accept a wide variety of files
Charlie Osullivan
Easy Matrix Calculator for Windows is an app that allows you to calculate matrices. This is useful for math students and professionals. You can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, inversion, determinant and rank calculation, among many other useful functions, using matrices.
Hamish R.
Easy Matrix Calculator is a powerful and user-friendly software for calculating and manipulating matrices in real time. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to quickly and easily calculate matrices and perform operations like matrix addition, matrix multiplication, matrix inversion, and more. It also supports plotting, graphing, and visualization of matrices.
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A software tool for teachers and educators of geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus application!