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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The SpeedCrunch Developers

Release: SpeedCrunch 0.12

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This product would be absolutely vital for someone who does any type of work where math is a central part of it. It's absolutely free, to make things even better. Not to mention, it comes in several different languages. It comes with all of the formulas a math whiz could think of, along with an ability to even define your own formulas you may need to find the solution to any of the equations you think up. Another perk of the program is that it's not just for one type of platform. SpeedCrunch is available on 3 different systems, including Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Along with, as previously stated, a multitude of different languages, though math is primarily a universal language. SpeedCrunch also comes with an automatic completion feature, which allows you to find the answer to your solutions much quicker, rather than having to manually put in the integers and press an equal sign with a regular type of online calculator. However, if you do prefer an old school way of using an online calculator, there is an option available to have a keypad present while using the program. It's a very versatile program.     


  • Free
  • Over 80 built-in functions
  • Ability to define your own functions
  • Library of formulas for reminders

In conclusion, this is a great app if you have any kind of problems with math that you want to quickly solve that maybe you can't find the functions for on a regular piano. Ideally, as stated previously, this program would be great for people who maybe try their hands at algorithms and are constantly using math to solve certain types of equations for their project. It's quick, easy to use, and most importantly, it's absolutely free. Anyone who uses this program should find no problems, only solutions!

Free and user friendly
chris C
The product looks like a useful product especially since it can be used for multiple language. It is also useful because it can be applied to multiple operating systems such as max, windows, linux. Seems very unique and very useful.
This desktop calculator works well for computing calculations quickly and efficiently. I enjoy using this as it is extremely important and helps me to do calculations that would normally take me longer even quicker. I love using this service to help me achieve my regular goals.
Harris Cleary
the software is a SpeedCrunch displays results as you type. Select a partial expression to evaluate only that part. Previous inputs and results are shown in a scrollable history and can be easily recalled. Customizable syntax highlighting allows you to spot mistakes easily.
speedcrunch is a scientific calculator it seems like it would be a great product for anyone needing to use a calculator or for college students. It displays results as you type, previous results are shown in a history, and highlights that allow you to spot any mistakes easily. if you like a normal display theres a keyboard display feature also.
SpeedCrunch is a calculator software that helps users with any mathematical equation they can throw at it. SpeedCrunch has regular and scientific functions as well, including the ability to create custom functions, if there is a need for it. With auto-completion for the longer formulas and a huge library of built-in formulas to quickly get started, as well as availability on Linux, MacOS, and multi-languages, SpeedCrunch is the software any mathematical student or math lover should have. It’s also entirely free.
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