by Easyminer

A simple but powerful crypto-mining program

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Easyminer

Release : EasyMiner 0.98

Antivirus check: passed

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EasyMiner is a simple enough program with much to offer for those seeking crypto-mining utility. It consists of a few regimes to choose from, being able to switch and change in between idle or active mining. This software choice provides you with a source of PC/Laptop, Mining Farm, Rig Miner, Internet Cafe, and Gamer modes for maximizing the extraction. It creates a quality opportunity for every fellow miner with full control of every active device, charts of efficiency, and much, much more.

The program also has quite a few video tutorials, examples, and other stuff for better software understanding. There is, of course, a cloud in which your data can be saved. EasyMiner reduces manual intervention to 95%, thanks to many automation mechanisms to make your mining sessions as smooth as possible. The rate of mining is bound to increase for the aforementioned reasons, so nothing is holding you back from trying it out!


EasyMiner makes for a great cryptocurrency mining software, with a plethora of options to choose from and lots of handy features
  • Remote access to your devices, as well as full control of what is occurring on them in real time with a handy console, allows for easier monitoring.
  • Overclocking and auto-tunes for ASICs and GPUs that you control directly increase mining efficiency. It makes for a prolonged lifespan of your hardware - higher hash rates, lower usage! 
  • Auto coin switching for better and more economically successful mining. It also includes intelligent algorithms that track current coin worth and your output to suggest the best mining choices.
  • Advanced settings and control over resources are needed for better optimization and greater output. Graphic performance lists are also provided to stay with the best possible configuration.
  • Web console management with custom templates, track commissions, and make withdrawals on time directly from the built-in console!

In conclusion, EasyMiner is a good choice for anyone seeking quality mining software designed with visibility in mind and lots of practical customizability options. It also settles for a great idle PC miner to ensure your mining processes don't interfere with your computer's performance but still make a decent profit from your PC's capabilities. 


Compatible with GPU and CPU mining
Performance limiters for GPU and CPU needed
Requires web console and management dashboard

Automatic coin switching maximizes profitability.
Offers advanced tracking and control settings.
Allows both GPU and CPU mining.

Might be complex for first-time miners.
Automatic coin switching isn't always optimal.
No support for ASIC miners.
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