by Ecosia

A search engine that donates a bulk of its revenue to tree planting programs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ecosia

Release : Ecosia 3.0.41

Antivirus check: passed

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Ecosia is no ordinary search engine. Instead of generating profits for shareholders, Ecosia donates a whopping 80% of its advertising revenue to a tree-planting program in Brazil. Using Ecosia for your online searches, you can help preserve the environment at no extra cost to yourself. Simply add this tool to Firefox as your default search engine. It's definitely worth giving Ecosia a try!

  • Relevant search results
  • Absolute transparency: Ecosia publishes its donation receipts
  • Over $1.3 million already donated to environmental causes
  • Official partner of The Nature Conservancy
  • A 100% carbon-neutral search engine

Ecosia aims to have a positive environmental impact by utilizing the search-generated advertising revenue. Their mission is simple: "Do good by searching". With Ecosia, every search you perform contributes to tree planting and climate change mitigation.

Ecosia has gained recognition worldwide from various media outlets. The Guardian newspaper declared: "Make Ecosia your search engine and you can actually help the environment one search at a time". Treehugger also commended Ecosia, saying: "If this isn't a significant leap in funding by a single company, we don't know what is". Meanwhile, the German newspaper FAZ encouraged its readers to "save the rainforest with a mouse click".

"Ecosia enables users to contribute to environmental causes simply by performing their usual online searches."

At Ecosia, they believe that online searching - the most common activity on the Internet - can give back to nature and fund reforestation projects. Ecosia offers an easy and effective way to contribute to a greener world everyday. Give it a try and make a difference with every search!

Computer or smartphone with internet access
An updated version of Mozilla Firefox
Minimum screen resolution of 800x600
JavaScript enabled in the browser

Supports environmental causes with advertising revenue.
Offers relevant and transparent search results.
100% carbon-neutral search engine.

Search results are not always as refined as Google's.
Features fewer integrated services than competing search engines.
User interface could be more modern and engaging.
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