by Ellp Limited

A management software program to work with devices including mobile, applications, tasks, social media and other accounts, etc.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ellp Limited

Release: Ellp

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This Windows software program is perfect for users who like a utility for the management of various devices. It allows users to manage mobile devices, PC's and applications, as well as all of the daily events and tasks that are scheduled. It is thus an all-in-one and works excellently for anyone looking to have a program for organization and management all in one. I would highly recommend this to anyone, student or professional worker who would like to tidy up and keep all of their files organized. This is really it in terms of having a program with these functionalities, while also being free, simple, easy to find, download and configure as well.

I would definitely say this is the primary tool to use when it comes to management for the purpose that it also works with your mobile devices, PCs, and other applications as well. You can track your social media accounts and other accounts, and it even follows the tasks you have scheduled to ensure that you are reminded of them and that they are done. This automation application is exactly that and it keeps you up to date while ensuring that you are as productive and efficient as possible.

I myself am big on personal focus and being on track to know exactly what I need to get done for the day, and this application serves this function also. Needless to say, this is best for Windows users and one of the first utilities to look for when trying to configure one's PC or another device. It is even perfect for beginners who may not know how to configure different programs. Yet, this program makes it very easy and intuitive because you do not need to learn how to establish any of its functionalities. You can figure out quite quickly how to make sure that everything is organized and set as they should be.

Is an all-in-one for not only devices, applications and tasks, but also manages all of your accounts

  • Manage PCs, laptops, mobile devices, applications, etc.
  • Track tasks and scheduled events
  • Organize and manage everything in one place
  • Also works with social media accounts and other accounts
  • Simple and intuitive interface
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Ellp (3.9 MB)
Ellp (3.91 MB)
Ellp (3.9 MB)
I love using Ellp for Windows because it allows me to automate any command I want. All I need to do is choose what actions correspond to which commands. For example, if the battery on my computer is about to die, I can set up a command to give me a notification. Moreover, I can set up a command to open the applications I use the most whenever my PC boots up.
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