Hardwipe 64-bit Edition

by Big Angry Dog Ltd

A free permanent data wiping tool for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Big Angry Dog Ltd

Release: Hardwipe 64-bit Edition 5.2.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Hardwipe is free to use the data wiping tool that can be used by anyone who wants to ensure that their private information can never be recovered after deletion. Even after deletion, information can remain within your system, hidden to most, but when searched for open to those looking to compromise your privacy. Protect your data and permanently protect your sensitive information.

Hardwipe also provides a modern and easy to use interface, including optional support for right-click context menus when using Windows File Explorer. Hardwipe can also be used to erase or hard wipe data on portable storage devices such as external hard disks and USBs. Its ease and convenience of use can be used when wanting to destroy folder contents and files forever on demand. It can be used to erase drives and to clean the Windows Recycle Bin for good. Deleted contents are completely wiped and become impossible to recover or trace, which can be especially useful when selling on your system by protecting your information from curious and prying eyes.

Hardwipe offers freedom and security, knowing that all Physical Devices and Logical Volumes can be erased. It effortlessly clears out folders, all Recycle Bins, and Windows Page files. It's also brilliant when wanting to free Drive Space and deep clean your system and includes a background option so that you can work while you wait for lengthier tasks to be completed.

Other useful features include read-back verification and detailed and customized report logs. It can also be used in conjunction with all major cleaning systems, including hardwire, also offers read-back verification, report logs, and supports all major cleaning programs.

Securely and thoroughly wipes private and sensitive data

  • Secure and permenant data erasing.
  • Speed and Pause options for CPU priority.
  • Integration for context menu.
  • Options for Recycle Bin and Disk Free Space wiping.
  • Free Online Support and Customer Service.

Hardwipe is free for all noncommercial and private use however there are paid up upgrades available if required.

I love using Hardwipe 64-bit Edition for Windows because this tool makes it easy to make sure that my data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Sometimes, even though I want to discard my data, it's still sensitive or confidential, and in those cases I always turn to Hardwipe. Hardwipe permanently deletes data off of hard disks and storage devices so that you can be confident that your data is secure.
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