by Shareware Hangvogel

A digital tool for highlighting and editing web content for professional use

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Shareware Hangvogel

Release : eMarker 5.0

Antivirus check: passed

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eMarker is a software that offers an effective way of highlighting relevant information on web pages, much like manually marking colors on paper. Therefore, it allows its users to focus on the important parts of a web page by marking them for quick and easy reference.

The software allows you to save the entirety or a portion of a website in an MHT file for markups and basic modifications. MHT files contain complete webpages, including images. These files are typically created and viewed using Internet Explorer. So, while browsing the web with Internet Explorer, if you stumble upon an interesting page, you can select the part you wish to save and copy it into eMarker. In eMarker, this part will be saved and remain open to further edits, like highlighting crucial text and removing unnecessary elements.

  • Highlighting important parts of a web page for easy reference
  • Saving web pages or parts of these pages in MHT files that allow for later modifications
  • Editing saved parts, including highlighting key texts and removing unwanted elements

eMarker is specially designed for professional users who can save a great deal of time using this technique. For instance, in the financial world, you can save numerous web pages concerning a certain company or stock and only highlight the most important parts among them. In this way, you maintain an overview and can act more quickly and accurately. In short, eMarker is a valuable tool for those who need to quickly sort and prioritize information on the web.

eMarker significantly aids in focusing and referencing important web content by allowing users to highlight and save it.
- Requires Internet Explorer for optimal performance
- Minimum 1 GB RAM for smooth operation
- At least 100 MB free disk space
- Compatible with Windows operating system

Allows for easy highlighting of important web information.
Enables saving of entire or partial web pages in MHT files.
Offers editing capabilities, including text highlighting and removing unwanted elements.

Limited to Internet Explorer for creating and viewing MHT files.
No advanced editing options beyond highlighting and basic removal.
Not user-friendly for non-professional or casual users.