Encryption Software

by Satheesh.S

A tool that secures personal data by converting it into an unrecognizable format using advanced encryption methods

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Satheesh.S

Release : Encryption Software 108.31.2019.11

Antivirus check: passed

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Encryption software is an essential tool for safeguarding your personal and confidential data. It works by completely altering your files, making them unrecognizable through password-secured encryption. Encrypted files can be reverted back to their original format at any time through the decryption process using the same password initially used for encryption. The multi-level password security makes the encrypted file nine times larger than its original size.

To use the software, you only need to select the file you wish to encrypt or decrypt, set the password, and click on Secure Encryption or Secure Decryption. The tool provides real-time status updates of the ongoing process. Once completed, the encrypted file carries the .safe extension and retains its original name, while decryption results in the original file. It's crucial to remember that the correct password must be used during decryption.

  • The password must consist of standard ASCII characters only and must be 11 characters long.
  • Ability to encrypt all types of files including those in Unicode format.
  • No password storage in the encrypted file.
  • Ability to encrypt files without a password using the same PC option, making the file irretrievable on another PC regardless of the password used.
  • Option to pause and resume the process during intensive use. You can even put your PC to sleep and resume later.

The encryption software utilizes a user-friendly interface and offers unforgiving encryption with double password protection. Additionally, the decryption process retains the original file's quality and data. The encoding and decoding processes are high speed, with optimized precision for large volumes of data.

This Encryption Software ensures enhanced data protection with unwavering encryption and multiple password security layers.

The software ensures enhanced security through an advanced password encryption filling method with three common background characters for untouchable file security. It provides robust encryption protection for any file up to 20 MB in free download, with additional asynchronous security layers. Moreover, your personal files can be encrypted and safeguarded with direct or indirect password capability.

1. Operating system: Windows 7 or later.
2. Minimum 1GB RAM for smooth operation.
3. Free disk space: At least 50MB for installation.
4. Processor: 1GHz or faster.

Ensures enhanced security through robust, advanced password encryption.
Can encrypt all file types, even those in Unicode format.
High speed encoding and decoding, optimized for large data volumes.

Encryption process makes file size nine times larger.
Limited to 20MB file size for free download.
ASCII character constraint for password creation.