Epson Event Manager Utility

Use the Epson scan utility from your Epson scanner

Operating system: Windows

Release: Epson Event Manager Utility 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Epson Event Manager Utility for Windows is basically a required application to be installed on your PC if you’d like to utilize the main features of your Epson scanner or all in one device. This Utility Manager is used to support Epson scanners and does things like facilitating scan to email, scan to PDF, scan to PC, etc.

The main software benefit is its low file size and that it runs in the background, accessible from the system tray. The software is often triggered from events on the Epson scanner or all in one device. 


The software makes using an Epson scanner easy and user-intuitive.
  • Small file size reduces the impact on the PC storage
  • System tray location makes launching the software easy and up front
  • Its ability to recognize when you’re scanning without controlling from the PC
  • Small menu options make the software user intuitive

Unlike some scanners and all in one printer, many Epson devices lack hardware buttons on the actual device or have a small lag between pressing the button and executing the action. This is where the Epson Event Manager Utility comes in – it allows you to scan to specific file types, outputs, etc. and sending to certain places without going back to the scanner or all in one printer to manage these options – you simply do it directly from your desktop.

All in all, the Epson Event Manager Utility for Windows allows Epson scanner and all in one device owners to truly unleash the full potential of their scanners. It is a great tool to get the best of the hardware you own and simplifies the user experience with an intuitive design.

Lindsay LaCosse
The Epson Event Manager is an app that will run in the background and is required for using the Epson scanner. It has a low file size and is able to automatically detect when you are using the scanner.
The Product I read about and am about to describe is the Epson Event Manager Utility. From what I am reading, it sounds like the program makes the process of scanning and using scanned material more efficient. I like how it mentions the fact that the file size is not very big, so it will not take up too much space on your computer. I am not a very tech. savvy individual, so little things like that I can understand make me want to spend money/comply more easily. That being said, some of the descriptions of what it can do might be better backed up with real world examples stated plainly. I like the summation at the end,really drives home that it is in my best interest to have this to go along with the scanner/all in one device.
If you own an Epson product you will love Epson Event Manager Utility for Windows because it gives you complete control over the product's features. One of the main benefits of this app is that it supports multiple different Epson scanners. I was surprised to find that it even lets you control functions such as scanning documents straight to email or PDF and it remains in the background until it is triggered by an event. Also, if you need to access it then you can find it in the system tray.
Robert Hayes
This makes connecting your laptop or computer to your scanner much easier. I recently had to buy a new scanner and setting it up and connecting was a breeze. Almost a decade ago setting up my scanner took hours, this was over within 15 minutes. Works great!
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