by Genoil

A powerful, crypto mining software for Windows machines using your work or gaming pc

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Genoil

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ethminer is a popular program for mining Ethereum (ether) cryptocurrency on NVIDIA graphics cards. The utility also supports some AMD video adapters, but only the new GeForce GTX series models show the maximum efficiency of aether coin production.

Ethminer is a CLI program that does not have a graphical interface. The utility is launched through a special BAT-file or CMakeLists.txt, which prescribe rules and configuration settings. Instead of the usual buttons and colorful menu screen you will see only a black window of the command line, through which you can control the mining process. The full list of the utility's functions can be found in the official manual, as well as in the reference information (help command).

The only serious disadvantage of Ethminer is the high power requirements of the graphics card. On weak models, the utility often generates various errors, shows unstable results of airtime mining, or refuses to run at all when the command line is reopened. To avoid such problems, some amateurs and professionals use overclocked graphics cards while working with this program.

To create Ethminer, the developer used the developments of such projects as cpp-ethereum and Genoil's CUDA miner, which eventually led to the addition of support for CUDA technology, OpenCL-cards, Stratum mode, as well as the function of realistic testing of mining. This program can be recommended to all users who are going to mine Ethereum coins on their graphics card, as well as those who are looking for an alternative to Claymore's Dual Ethereum GPU Miner.

Ethminer works with NVIDIA graphics cards to mine cryptocurrency, without the need of complicated user-interfaces! While the use of Ethminer may require may high-powered graphics card, I found that it was easy manage with my Nvidia on my Windows 10 pc. If anyone is looking for a good cryptocurrency mining software, I cannot recommend Ethminer enough!
Small and simple miner for ether which uses a range of nvidia gtx graphics cards. Highly recommend if you want to mine ether using you nvidia gaming rig. Its Command Line Interface (CLI) based so no Graphical User Interface (GUI). this is a plus in my opinion as i cant run it without any additional overheads. Download and give it a try; you have nothing to lose.
This software product Ethminer appears to be very popular. It is used for mining Ethereum which is a type of cryptocurrency. It seems to work best with the new GeForce GTX series model. However, because of the high power requirements of the graphics card, weaker models will produce inconsistent results and users will need to adjust in order to accommodate for this.
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