Events Management Software

by GI Business Database Solutions

A tool for organizing, tracking, and managing events, from small meetups to large exhibitions

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GI Business Database Solutions

Release : Events Management Software 3.00

Antivirus check: passed

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Event Management Software is designed to streamline the organization and management of events, whether they're conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, or any other event that require tickets, be they large or small scale. Whether you need to organize a single event or a hundred, this software will manage them efficiently. The software supports multiple users simultaneously, allowing dozens of users to work with it at the same time.

Set up conferences, trade shows, exhibitions or other events with as many pricing levels as needed. Whether the event takes place in a single day or spans several days, even weeks, the Event Management Software tracks every participant and the number of people present at each event. You can see at a glance the remaining spots for any event, and just as easily check the participation history of an attendee.

  • Issuing and/or emailing out invoices and receipts directly from the software.
  • Tracking and reporting of received payments and outstanding amounts.
  • Includes a comprehensive set of reports to keep you informed about all aspects of events, including ticket sales by employees.
  • Intuitive user interface that will be immediately familiar to Microsoft software suite users.

Although it is a powerful software with superior tracking and analytical reporting capabilities, the Event Management Software also has a user interface that will be immediately familiar to Microsoft software suite users. It is surprisingly intuitive, easy to use and learn.

This software streamlines the organization and management of all types of events, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Whether you need to organize a single event or many, the free Event Management Software is all you will ever need.

1. Must support multiple simultaneous users.
2. Requires intuitive UI, familiar to Microsoft suite users.
3. Capable of generating and emailing invoices and receipts.
4. Must enable event participation tracking and reporting.

Streamlines organization and management of multiple events.
Supports multiple simultaneous users.
Features intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface.

May require substantial training for non-Microsoft suite users.
Support for multiple users can complicate data synchronisation.
Intuitive interface but lacks customizability options.
A handy database management tool to create and manage different types of databases.
A data analysis and reporting software suitable for all sizes of businesses to do SSRS and Power BI reporting