Excel Project Management Template

by Business Spreadsheets

A project management tool provides flexibility to manage all the process and provides different solution.

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Excel project management template is very useful for tracking projects and tasks. It is like an excel workbook that can be used to track important information about the tasks. The tasks include Creating a project overview, the project setting, and management cost, task setting up assignment of tasks, and managing tasks, the resource assignment to project and tasks, and the tracking of project status using the Gantt chart.

Microsoft Excel is so popular project management template and easy to use.

There are different types of templates available. They are

  • project plan template 
  • task management template
  • ganntt chart template
  • resource allocation template.

The project plan template is used to track project status, priority, deadlines, and staffing information. It can also maintain a list of clients, team members, and project status in project options.

The Gantt chart can be created by entering the task index, task name, dates starting and ending, and completion percentage.

A resource allocation template is a powerful tool for every project and every team member whether they are overloaded or underloaded.

Task management template is used foe assighnment os tasks foe stffs and their dealine.

 The reporting is detailed in all formats. The templates can be supported in multiple device plaforms such as windows, linux, ios, android and Mac. Access control can be played in different levels. Time tracking can be accessed with zip code.

Important information about the project6 and task will be available in dashboard.

Improves time and cost efficiency and easy to convert spreadsheet files.

  • The important feature is time tracking and timely delivery of the project.
  • Creation, assighnment and management of tasks is very easy.
  • The screenshots can be captured in a timely basis.
  • Tracking cost of each project and team members can be evaluated in single sheet.
  • monitor field employees with the mobile application.

Itis an open souce software

Runs in all microsoft plarforms and all operating systems.

support for multi devices such as windows, MAC, Linux, IOS and android

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