ClickCharts Flowchart Software

by NCH Software

A platform used to draw charts and make visual representation an easy one

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NCH Software

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Last revision: Last week

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ClickCharts is a unique tool to represent data and information in a meaningful and organized way.  To create the perfect chart or diagram it uses templates, icons, shapes, and creative tools in an informative manner. Flowcharts are used to make complex problems easier to understand. It also identifies bottlenecks and finds a way to regulate the process.

The creative tools in the software are shapes, templates, connectors, text, arrows, and images. It simplifies the complex problem into an easier one by representing problems in different diagrams like ER diagrams, flowcharts, and UML diagrams. It organizes our data into different formats like Block diagrams, Venn diagrams and data flow diagrams. It shares visual ideas through Brainstorm diagrams, mindmap, and organizational diagrams.

Boosts productivity of data through the network, electrical and BPNM flowcharts. Many graph types are supported in ClickCharts. A template starts, add your data and customize the appearance. The types are column graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, doughnut graphs, line graphs, and scatter plots. The editing, and customizing options are common like fonts, colors, fills, and strokes. The clipart and other graphs can be inserted. The editing function is as simple as includes copying, pasting, undoing, and more. It supports file formats like .psd, .tgd, gif,jp2,jpg, bmp,bmp,tiff,pnm, pcx,ras and etc.. 

Templates are designed for time-saving constraints and workflow convenience. Data visuals are designed in a user-friendly manner. The program is designed to easily import the existing data and make diagrams. The diagrams created can be easily shared online with colleagues. It is used in different industries like engineering, entertainment, computer programmers, scientists, quality management, and electrical.

Provides data and information in a meaningful way and create meaningful charts.

  • It has specialized templates which consists of more than 40 default templtes available.
  • The charts can be exported in different file formats like JPG, JIF, PDF, 
  • Lots of symbols and line connectors are available to make flowchart an understandable one.
  • editing multiple flowchars simultaneosly.
  • relationships can be indicated with auto connect options.

It Works on Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 1

Also Works on 64 bit Windows

Mac OS X 10.5 or above

This program has be a great addition to my work office and my ability to create engaging presentations at my work place. its extremely easy to use with a drag and drop functionality and auto connect feature. The its so simple and convenient the charts almost create themselves! The variety of charts this program can create is expansive, it definitely has some functionality even outside the office. A must for an organized and engaged workplace!
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