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A program designed to help you create layouts for printed circuit boardson your Windows PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ExpressPCB

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ExpressPCB is a computer-aided chip design system that is easy to study and further work with.

Here are a few steps to get started with the program:

the choice of components. Start your project by adding components. Select the chip parts in the Component Manager module dialog box. Many parts contain digital keys, which makes it easier to find and buy them;

component placement. Drag and drop components to the desired location on the diagram. The Snap to grid function allows you to place the components with high accuracy;

adding loops. Now add loops by clicking from one contact (output) to another;

editing. Making changes is very easy with the standard commands Copy, Paste, Cut, etc. The component positions are simply dragged and dropped, and the connections remain in place. Double-click on a component to set its properties;

to order a chip. Once the design is complete, the ExpressPCB will give you the exact price you need to pay for it. You can then order it using the Order boards via the Internet option.

a CAD software which is used to create the layouts for printed circuit boards, The CAD is divided into the more useful category: ExpressSCH is used to design the schematics the same schematic design software is included with both Classic and Plus downloads
ExpressPCB software is a snap to learn and use. For the first time, designing circuit boards is simple for the beginner and efficient for the professional
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