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Program that helps organize documents and search for them easier

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Mendeley is a kind of scientific publication aggregator and bibliographic data manager with social network functions for scientists. The program is free of charge and supports most operating systems, besides it supports work through the web-interface.

After installation and registration, the user will have access to a huge and constantly growing library of scientific works, will be able to publish their works or add interesting works to their library. All actions are synchronized through the cloud storage, 2 Gigabytes are available for free to the user. Moreover, you can create groups and work together with colleagues on a single project, or join any existing open group in the network.

Mendeley can also be integrated into most popular text editors and used as a bibliographic data manager. You can use the program to quote or refer to publications and create lists of literature. A large number of styles and design standards are included for this purpose. For example, it is possible to issue bibliographic data according to GOST-R-7.0-11-2011, which may be useful in the process of registration of dissertations.

The interface won't cause any difficulties in mastering how to work with most of the tools can be understood intuitively.

- a unified database of scientific publications;

- the opportunity to publish and promote their scientific works;

- the ability to add materials for further reading;

- the ability to create groups to work together;

- the opportunity to join open groups;

- cloud synchronization;

- integration into text editors and work with bibliographic data;

- A large number of bibliographic data styles;

- plugin support;

- cross-platform;

- has a web interface and a browser extension.

Mendeley 1.17.6 (53.53 MB)
Mendeley 1.17.7 (53.66 MB)
Mendeley 1.17.8 (53.66 MB)
Mendeley 1.17.9 (53.64 MB)
Mendeley 1.17.10 (53.65 MB)
Mendeley 1.17.11 (53.65 MB)
Mendeley 1.17.12 (53.66 MB)
Mendeley 1.17.13 (53.65 MB)
Mendeley 1.19.1 (54.68 MB)
Mendeley 1.19.4 (54.72 MB)
I've started using Mendeley about a month ago and it has taken a lot of headache out of finding citations when writing, which is mainly what I personally use the software for. In addition, it being cloud based means I can manage my library from any of my devices which is highly convenient. Overall, I'd recommend Mendeley to researchers who want to make their workflow more efficient.
Mendeley is nigh essential for my work. There is no other software as good for making sense of a large resource library. Managing files and papers is made incredibly easy with Mendely as the user interface is simple and intuitive. Anyone working with academic papers or in higher education would benefit from use of Mendely and it's file management abilities. No longer do I find myself desperately searching for obscure papers as this software allows me to sort them effectively and bring them up at any time when I need them. Would highly recommend.
Thomas K*******l
Mendeley is a reference management software that helps students, academics, and researchers organize their research papers, citations, and references. It also helps users create bibliographies, collaborate with other researchers, and discover new research.
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