F Secure Internet Security

by F-Secure Corporation

Software to protect against malware, hackers, and identity theft

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: F-Secure Corporation

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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F-Secure Internet Security 2009 provides complete and comprehensive protection against all Internet threats, both known and undetected. The last few years of research have shown that current network attacks are increasingly focused on financial gain. Professional Internet criminals want to remain unnoticed in attacks and use very advanced technologies to hide themselves from data protection systems. Their methods of operation are constantly updated and require immediate solutions from antivirus software developers. F-Secure Internet Security comes with F-Secure DeepGuardâ„¢ 2.0, which provides network, instant recognition of both secure and malware. This technology can protect you in 60 seconds after detecting a new danger. No other antivirus software vendor can provide protection that quickly and globally.

First real-time network protection: F-Secure Protection data centers are located around the world and each center has a cluster structure. These service centers are so powerful that it takes just a few milliseconds to check the status of a file over the network. The fact is that it is often enough to check the status of the file on the server than to do a scan on the local computer. That is, when the antivirus checks files on your hard drive, it first sends a request to the server about the status of the file and receives an instant response. If nothing is known about this file on the server, then the antivirus launches the scanning mechanism and checks the file locally. This detection system reduces the time of verification and saves your computer's resources.

As soon as a new potential danger appears, the first computers to encounter it receive instant alerts from the F-Secure automated security labs. The system can provide full protection against confirmed threats in 60 seconds. After that, all computers with this technology are updated and are no longer subject to this threat.

Anti-virus does not cause difficulties in circulation, provides a simple and convenient interface. It also saves RAM and other computer resources, so it combines ease of use, economy and ultra-reliability. F-Secure Internet Security is what you need for total computer security.

For this price the company provides a license for three computers, so we can consider that the price of antivirus is more than acceptable.

- Quicker when you need it: Quick installation, short application download times, and fast file scanning and cleanup ensure maximum responsiveness when it's critical;

- Protect your computer from viruses, worms and malware that have not yet been detected: using the automatically updated virus protection provided by the world-famous F-Secure Data Security Laboratory, you can safely and confidently use your computer today and tomorrow. And the built-in F-Secure DeepGuard 2.0 technology protects you from unknown malware. This technology is able to quickly analyze a program file or a program already running and identify the typical virus sequence of operations. If it detects potentially dangerous actions, it will block program execution and perform a more thorough examination of the file;

- Detecting and removing spyware: F-Secure Internet Security ensures that spyware that has been secretly installed on your computer is found and removed. These may be programs that were originally "embedded" in legal software and installed by themselves during the installation of another program. Or special spyware that can install your enemies on your computer to monitor your actions. F-Secure Internet Security recognizes and removes these kinds of programs faster than ever before and ensures that your computer runs smoothly without any spies;

- Personal Firewall: your confidential data is now securely protected on your computer. The built-in Firewall included with F-Secure Internet Security will stop attempts to steal your data;

- Spam Protection: F-Secure Internet Security filters out unwanted emails and protects against fake emails aimed at stealing your confidential information. Such e-mails usually come from fake recipients with a request to send them all kinds of logins and passwords. For example, from the technical support of the electronic payment system you use. The text of the letter informs about the necessity to confirm the registration and send the password and login. The address from which the message came may almost coincide with the extended address of the support team. Typical features such as style, font and letter design can be copied;

- protecting children from unwanted websites: along with anti-virus databases, a list of sites with content that is dangerous for children is updated. This includes sites containing pornographic content, adult forums, and others. By enabling protection against such Internet resources, the antivirus will block all attempts by the web browser to access these sites.

It's an interesting programm for safety in the Internet,I think it is very helpful to stay save from any Viruses or something else that could destroy your hardware, also today there are a lot scammers that try to get your credit cards through viruses so I would rate to buy it.
I use the internet everyday and I am always worried about getting viruses and malware. With F Secure Internet Security I feel like I can browse and download safely and worry-free. As soon as a threat is detected, the software instantly alerts me and I am able to get rid of it quick and easy.
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