by Fanuriotimetracking

A time tracking and billing software for freelances business

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Fanuriotimetracking

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Its a time tracking and billing software for freelances business, majorly liked for is easy interface,flexiable timer and its ability to produce detailed invoices.

It can be used with a single individual or a team to track time, manage projects and get process for payments.


  • It can be used in manageing projects and tracking time in solo bussiness or larg companies for the same purpose and achive its porpose effectively.It is also a software which can manage projects of simple and complex nature and can also manage sole business.The software can be used in manageing clients request,invoiceing,billing,time tracking,giveing timely solutions to clients and manage customer service.
  • Track time with little effort by giving multiple methods of tracking time easly in the most flexiable way.It can track time matualy and automatically also it has the ability to give reminders when to stop and start a project.
  • The software is used to analyze business perfomance by provideing charts and reports which can be used to check how the project is perfoming in terms of expenses and the time it has taken to achieve its expected purpose.
  • It is able to organize different projects by organizeing time used,expenses used trips and products that can be sold to customers.It can also give feedback on the project if its realiable to continue with a specific project.In general it makes work or projects to be analyezed in an easy way, by giving major consideration on its progress as per the inputs of time and other expenses.
  • The software is able to account for everything that you have invested in terms of cash,time and labour.its able to do billing without missing any variable and do invoiceing eliminating chances of makeing losses.It can work in muiltiple platforms with a single license thus reducing the cost of doing projects.
  • Its a simple software to learn and use.Its flexiable giving it the advantage of working on different projects.Its also easy to customize and produce invoices.
  • It can run offline when using the server version then synic it with the server once online.

Its a simple software to use in any project.

Fanurio is a free software that serves as a billing and time tracking application. It is useful and appreciated by the initial users due to its user friendly interface. It has the ability to generate detailed invoices and also supports flexible timer. Fanurio is very useful for freelancers and it can be worked as solo or as a team. It helps to organize the projects, track the time either manually or automatically. All your works will be analyzed thoroughly and charted as graphs. The users will get paid full for their works without any delay.
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