by Fastcoin Project

An ultra fast software for cryptocurrency transactions

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Fastcoin Project

Antivirus check: passed

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Fastcoin is an ultra fast software for cryptocurrency transactions. When you are executing crypto transactions, it is important to get it done fast because the values changes quickly. The Fastcoin software lets you do this safely.


  • Fastcoin uses the foundation of peer-to-peer technology and has a high-speed block time. The fast executions are coin native and in-built to the blockchain of the coin. All transactions get processed at top pace. 
  • You can download the wallets for your Fastcoin. If you are confused about some concepts or features, there is a forum which you can join to learn more. 
  • It is very secure and has over 7 years of excellence in operation. Fastcoin also has the blockchain, which is the deepest of other cryptocurrencies. the security level is super high. Your transactions get carried out with pace and safety.
  • There is support from many communities of enthusiasts who are excited about making Fastcoin user-friendly and relevant to users of all expertise levels.
  • The wallets and the overall Fastcoin ecosystem is easy to navigate, for seasoned traders and people who are making their first attempt at digital currencies.
  • The program comes from the Fastcoin Project and has the support for many Windows versions of XP, 7, Vista, 8, 10, and 11.
  • fastcoin-qt.exe is the filename for the installer, which is default. The sale of the tool is available for many exchanges, like CryptoRush, AllCryp CoinEX, and Cryptsy.
  • Developers can access a wealth of resources, including the source code on GitHub, developer guides, and technical documentation. 
  • The technology behind Fastcoin allows fast and secure transactions directly on the blockchain without the need for additional layers of code. This maintains both the security and ease of use of the cryptocurrency.

Fastcoin is a super easy and fast transaction software for cryptocurrency. It comes with many features and gives all kinds of users to get started without issues. Anyone looking for a safe and fast crypto transaction tool supported by a global community must try Fastcoin. 

Fastcoin uses the foundation of peer-to-peer technology and has a high-speed block time.
Requires a secure internet connection
Should support ports: 9526 for connection, 9527 for RPC
Must have ability to confirm transactions rapidly
Minimum system storage as per blockchain size

Exceptional transaction speed with 48 seconds confirmation time.
Highly secure, requiring 4 confirmations per transaction.
Constant system optimization for maintained performance.

Limited total currency amount may impact long-term scalability.
Blocks decrease by half each year, affecting stability.
The difficulty is readjusted hourly, potentially causing fluctuations.