Send Anywhere

by ESTmob Inc

A cross-platform transfer solution that aims to make way for easy and fast sharing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ESTmob Inc

Release : Send Anywhere stable

Antivirus check: passed

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To be honest, there is quite a number of various applications focusing on data transferring and familiarity, and, spoiler, today is nothing too special, though the program still has a few things worthy of being pointed out. So, Send Anywhere is a file-sharing solution that may include practically any file format/type you would try to transfer at some point, not limiting itself to just one selection of those. There are two main ways of sharing the said file, either via an assigned 6-digit code that should be written on the other system to, in turn, download it, or by simply handing over a created link that will immediately start the process. You can also easily attach selected files to emails if that's what suits you. 

Oh and also, now that we've touched the email part of the software, it should be noted that this program may come in the form of an addon intended for email integration. With the high input/output speed of said system, you can simply attach files directly on your mail service page/window, not needing any additional work or time to be put into. There are many customization options available, as well as protection settings, with a large scale of possible file sizes and transferring files across all the platforms.


Send Anywhere is a data sharing application that consists of many platforms supported and a few ways of transferring the chosen data in between devices
  • 3 ways of sharing selected files
  • Fast loading and downloading speed
  • The same app in the form of a multifunctional email addon
  • Powerful security means for safe storage of shared files
  • Real-time transferring
  • High capacity of possible data size

If you think about it there really isn't so much to say about programs like Send Anywhere. Practically they can (and are) used in various workspaces for their assigned tasks, but don't offer much other than said feature. Still, it does it rather well and is comprehensible for anyone who doesn't even use electronic devices that often, so that also counts. It's just good for what it is and isn't much more than that.

Operating system: Windows, MacOS, Android, or iOS
Internet connection for file transfer and code generation
Sufficient device storage for file downloading

Ensures secure data transfer through encryption.
Supports real-time, cross-platform file transfer.
Simplifies file sharing with temporary code generation.

Requires internet connection to transfer files.
Limited transfer speed for large files.
Temporary code can cause transfer interruptions.
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