FileZilla Server

by Tim Kosse

An FTP server featuring support for FTP and FTP over SSL/TLS?

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tim Kosse

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FileZilla Server is one of the best FTP servers currently available on the market, which offers a wide range of features. And, importantly, the product is completely free. This is a well thought-out and complete product, so when installing the server the user needs to keep an eye on each step and each option. You need to decide which components of the server should be installed, as well as how the server will be started - along with Windows as a service, manually or automatically.

The main window is nothing but a log file display, which allows you to determine at a glance what is happening at the moment - what connections are established, what files are transferred and other states.

But the most important part is the server configuration. In FileZilla Server there are three main sections with settings - "General settings", "Users" and "Groups". In the "General Settings" you can change any settings related directly to the server, including IP filter, passive mode security setting, management interface, file transfer rate limitation, SSL and TSL settings, automatic user lockout and file compression ratio. The "Users" and "Groups" sections, which is logical, are responsible for configuring server users with individual settings of shared folders, speed limits and filters by IP-addresses.

FileZilla Server takes care of the system, does not take up a lot of memory and resources of the processor, reminding you of its existence with an icon in the Windows system area.

FileZilla Server is a free software that helps to secure your server. The great thing is that it does not require much memory space and it is simple to use. FileZilla has three sections: general settings, users, and groups. It makes organization hassle free and is perfect for people who have a beginner level background in computers.
FileZilla is a great cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client. The features offered with this software is almost limitless. Being able to support the resume and transfer of large files is a plus. The user interface is very simple, it provides tabs to easily navigate to where you need to be. You can use the bookmark features and easily drag and drop files. There is a search feature with multiple filters to make searching easier. There are many customizable settings for your active and passive connection and transfers and even for the theme! FileZilla is fast and simple to use.
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