Flash Memory Toolkit

by EFD Software

The software also offers backup and restore capabilities

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: EFD Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Flash Memory Toolkit is a program designed to work with removable media and data on them. The main valuable functions of this program are the recovery of deleted data, as well as its irretrievable deletion. These are two opposing operations that will help to recover accidentally deleted data or delete valuable data so that no one can recover it.

In addition, you will be able to view full information about the data on the medium, as well as find out its actual performance.

- Information: The information display function gives you data such as the full capacity of the device, file system type, operating system version and USB configuration;

- Error scanning: Quick and convenient function to check the integration of the device by performing read and write operations;

- Secure Erase: This function performs a complete and irrevocable erase of data from flash drives, ensuring that no data can be recovered;

- Restore: The operation is the opposite of the previous one. It performs data recovery after formatting removable media, unexpected errors or accidental deletion. All major file types are supported;

- Backup: Bitwise copying of data from the media to the hard disk;

- Testing: Verify the performance of your media, and the time it takes to read files of different sizes.

A program with lots of functionality regarding flash devices and other types of removable drives. Can REALLy delete something so that it can not be recovered if necessary and can also recover files or attempt to recover files that have been deleted earlier, not using irretrievable methods.
John V.
Flash Memory Toolkit is a powerful utility software that allows users to easily and securely manage their flash memory cards and USB flash drives. It includes a wide range of features such as backup, recovery, optimizing, file wiping, file shredding, and benchmarking. It also includes a secure erase feature to erase data permanently. Additionally, the software includes a system monitor to monitor and optimize the performance of your storage device.
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