by Electronic Team

Remotely access and manage USB devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Electronic Team

Release: FlexiHub 3.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It has a chat options that permits you to talk directly while accessing the computer remotely.

  • allows access to devices that are USB
  • ability to connect and disconnect remotely
  • directly invite others to join and use the shared USB
  • can lock certain devices from being connected

FlexHub is an amazing software program that allows the user to directly access USB and COM port devices remotely from anywhere they are.  The software primarily functions as a control board for all of the access devices.  It directly connects computers over a network including those that are remotely located. Data is, however, quite secure as it uses 256 Bit SSL encryption.  The system permits you to be able to chat while being connected remotely.  It also allows others to easily join the USB and COM PORT when they are invited.   It's user friendly capabilities allow for ease in accessing information required to complete whatever job the user may be doing.  This remote access is achieved through  LAN, internet, and other network connections. It does have the capability of locking out certain devices if and when needed.   It is currently available for Windows OS.  The total cost for this software is zero dollars.  That is right. It is completely free.  If interested it is available for download directly from the website.  The file size for download is currently 7.25 MB.  If you have the need to access multiple USB and COM port devices remotely from one central place this is the software that you need.   One great example how this could be utilized is using your computer at home and printing documents out at work on the printer that is located there.  This would allow for the documents to be available in one central location upon arrival at work. 

This is a pretty cool software that provides access to documents or files in one central location. Making it very easy for access in one central location. This makes it very easy with no complications when accessing important documents. Every company should be using this. Because this software provides storage security and privacy.
William Dowd
Flexihub is a totally unique piece of software that will essentially allow you to create your own personal cloud of devices. Anything that you have connected to a device with Flexihub installed is accessible and shareable from anywhere where you have access to an internet connection.
I installed it in my office for my staffs connected together and share the files. The system can be connected to multiple USB and serial port devices. You can make a free trial of it . But the customer service must be improve to make this work faster.
This product is pretty cool. I never thought such a thing would exist, but it does and its great! It allows me to connect to usb devices in my basement while i'm on the second floor. You might not think this is very helpful until you find some applications for it. For example I can plug A speaker in (usb) and then play sound saying "dinner time" so my kids in the basement can hear it.
I love using FlexiHub for Windows because it's a program that makes it a cinch to share USB sticks in a secure manner on devices that rely on ARM64 processors. I really appreciate that I don't need to stress over whether my data on my USB device is safe and secure because the application adheres to such tightknit and airtight security protocols.
Kyle Miyauchi
FlexiHub is a secure, cloud-based software solution that enables users to access and share USB devices over the Internet. It enables users to connect to remote USB devices over the Internet, as if the device was connected directly to their computer. It can be used to share printers, scanners, smart card readers, and other USB devices with multiple users. It supports cross-platform connections and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems.
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