Unified Remote

by Unified Remote

Control your computer, and up to 100 apps with one remote on your phone

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Unified Remote

Release: Unified Remote 3.6.1

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9970

Unified Remote is the only software of its kind that allows you to control your desktop remotely. If you have tried to mirror your computer on to a TV or other remote display, you know it is incredibly difficult, even for the tech savvy. This software helps you manage your desktop remotely. You can do everything from control your iTunes to desktop screen mirroring. If you are on the run and need to quickly check your files, you can remotely review your files and documents. What if you leave the office and realize you've left your computer on? No problem, with Unified Remote, you can turn off your computer.

Additionally, you can easily go into your files and any other media remotely. You can easily download the app from Google Play, Apple App store, or Microsoft. It works across all popular operating systems. An interesting feature is that you may use it as a mouse. You can use it as a single or multi-point mouse. Not only can it serve as a mouse, but you may also use any keyboard with the technology. It supports standards, third party, and custom keyboards to fit any of your needs. Not only can you support any app, but you can also control other devices such as the Flic wireless button and the GlobalCache IR blast.

In need of a way to control your TV remotely? Not a problem, the Unified Remote will allow streamlined control. Simply head into the app, and control whatever you may need.  Want to watch Netflix? Not a problem, simply head into the Unified Remote app and browse Netflix, iTunes, and other media sites. 

It is better since it helps simplify your life.

There is no reason you would need any other app if you have the Unified Remote. It is easy to download and use. Simply head to whatever app store you have on your device and download. The Unified Remote will simplify your life. 

Josh (unverified)
I was getting tired of having so many remote controls laying around, and had to figure out some way to minimize the clutter. Enter the Unified Remote app. I was able to download the app, and right away, I was able to get rid of some of the remotes, because I always have my phone with me. Awesome idea guys!!!
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