Font Creator

by High-Logic B.V.

A preferred way for font enthusiasts to edit, view, and enhance their fonts

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: High-Logic B.V.

Release: Font Creator

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FontCreator is a Microsoft Windows application that been molded and improved throughout the years.

FontCreator at its core allows font creators to easily and accurately create fonts, view and display font characters in an organized visually appealing manner, and add/modify characters to font sets. Aside from all this, FontCreator can allow its user to do much more, more efficiently.


FontCreator was made by the folks at High-Logic, they have been in business since 1997
  • Compatible with OpenType fonts and TrueType fonts.
  • Create and edit web fonts with super compression technology.
  • Create fonts for real-world objects and engraving.
  • Change fonts in a batch fashion.
  • Covert OpenType to TrueType and vice-versa.
  • Tools to create complex and script like fonts.
  • Edit existing characters in a font set.
  • Preserves OpenType features when opening a font.
  • Create fonts that you can scale and color.
  • Node optimization.
  • Extract TrueType fonts.
  • Add your own characters to font sets.
  • Use software built-in fonts.
  • Edit OpenType with a visual interface.
  • Vertical metrics for creating vertically based fonts.
  • Supports and is compatible with all encoding.
  • Preview fonts.
  • Install fonts.

FontCreator is a must have for content creators, writers, and font enthusiasts. It is popular with over 5 million views and has been in the game for years, so you can expect it to have fleshed out any bugs and glitches.

If you are someone who uses software such as Adobe Photoshop and uses stock fonts or fonts from websites, then this tool can become an essential part of your workload as it can allow you to tailor those fonts to your liking with many layers of compatibility and if you find none that suits your needs, FontCreator give you all the tools you need to create your own font, in your own image, and with the right to use it wherever you please. This is the power that software like FontCreator can bring creators and Font enthusiast.

Windows only software.

Jane Adams
Font Creator is a classic resource that offers an excellent alternative to bigger name, over-priced fontography software titles that make big promises but fail to deliver. Font Creator is easy to use and has an easy-to-understand interface that even the most amateur user can understand.
I would not be interested in purchasing a font creator, it reminds me of my childhood when creating word art was cool. There are many software's out there that could do the same thing, unless you are a graphic designer I do not see the point of it.
Font creator is the standard for font creation software on windows. I use the software to create new fonts for all of my design projects and have never needed another program. The interface is easy to use and well organized which allows me to work very efficiently. The ability to import vector files and also strong contour tools really help me push my creativity to a new level. I recommend this software for any designer who needs to be able to create fonts rapidly and easily.
Jamie Lamont
the software is a free-to-try font editing software designed by High Logic for Windows that features powerful tools and user-friendly interface.
Font Creator for Windows is a software that allows the users to create personalised and creative Fonts. With Font Creator for Windows you can create fonts simply opening a new file in the file section of the program and selecting the font family name that you want to work with as well as the characters set and font style , next you need to set the naming in the Format section, after that you can simple select from the main screen of the program each one of the letters and transform them with the help of the option mirror, size, skew, bearings, position, movement, rotation and scale.
It is free to try!!!! you can create your own fonts without a struggle and also redesign existing characters. Missing characters can be a headache to a font but worry no more because this software got you covered it allows you to add any missing characters. This main reason this software is so amazing and recommendable is that it allows you to add documents and import images. It is so great especially for beginners you learn and have fun.
Designed by High Logic, Font Creator shareware allows users to create their own stylistic fonts to use across a range of applications. Where Font Creator really excels is that in addition to the ability to create new fonts, users are also able to edit existing fonts uploaded by other users, meaning you can start with a rough approximation of the design you want instead of just starting from scratch every time. The software has a free trial period before asking users to purchase the premium license, and with this much functionality, I would highly recommend both versions.
This software is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers and devices. It creates so many different fonts. The styles and designs are endless with this software. I am so happy with this software, it's tools and all of the included features and capabilities.
I have always wanted to create my own font type. For my birthday, I made some invites and used Font Creator for Windows to create a whole new font. It was so much fun. The interface is easy to use. The glyph and character category panel shows me the variety of characters and unicodes to use. I can choose from open type, true type and open web font. So many choices. I can import images to help me create the font. It was so much fun.
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