Foxit PDF Creator


A PDF editor that allows multiple users and groups to edit and update documents in PDF format.

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Release: Foxit PDF Creator

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Foxit allows multiple people and large groups to collaborate on PDF documents to update and edit them all for free. This program also allows editing to occur within the PDF format, works with scanners to scan hardcopy documents and import them into PDF format, and allows you to redact sensitive information to protect privacy within the document. Furthermore, it allows you to re-format documents by changing text, layout, and even add watermarks, headers, footers, and page numbers. Foxit also lets you merge or split documents and organize pages within multiple documents. With all of these features and more, it is easy to see why Foxit is the best choice for PDF editing software. Foxit also provides solutions for those within the banking, legal, insurance, and government fields with products specifically formulated for those clients needs. Foxit also offers mobile versions of many of their products for those who need to work on the go, along with a free trial for many of their popular products. 


  • Group editing and sharing
  • Log of who opens and edits the document
  • Sends notifications to all users of any changes
  • Converts PDF documents to other file types

Foxit has all of the features you need within a PDF editor software! They have a PC and Mac version for all users and offer different packages for customers with different needs. All of their services are reasonably priced, and all packages offer many features which can only be found within this software. Customers can also purchase individual features such as PhantomPDF at a lower cost if they do not need everything that is offered within the business packages. Many leading companies such as Google, Amazon, and Boeing all use this product which is a testament to the quality that you receive with Foxit. This is an excellent tool for anyone to use from businesses to personal use. 

Ability of multiple people to edit a document
Chad Blocker
Foxit says that it offers a free service to update and edit pdf documents which is a great service to offer. It then goes on to say that certain services can be purchased. Almost a contradiction. All in all the product does sound like a great service for business and personal use. The fact that everyone who had access to the pdf is notified of any changes made to it and who made the changes is very nice as well.
This is an advance PDF application. This software application allows for editing in texts with maintaining the format. Table format is included in maintaining the form. The software is a product for Windows use only. This software also gives you the creativity and flexibility to change forms and create your own PDF document. The reduce file size is important in saving storage format and allow for documents to be scanned easily.
The Foxit PDF Creator for Windows is a great new piece of software that gives customers a variety of new innovations. The Foxit PDF Creator creates standard compliant PDFs that are compatible with other PDF products.
Ollie Sherwood
The Foxit PDF Creator is a virtual PDF print driver which allows any application with printing capability to generate high-quality PDF documents conveniently and efficiently ina minute. Foxit PDF creator, the Microsoft Office add-in, gives you a extra control over the PDF files you produce. While the settings are diverse for every one of the Microsoft Office applications, as a rule, the include lets you include security, embed bookmarks and hyperlinks, redo pages sizes, and pack pictures, to give some examples of its abilities.
Foxit is a versatile PDF creator and editor that is available as both a free version and a paid version, which provides the user with more features. Although designed to be relatively easy to use for people with familiarity with Adobe products, the straightforward interface helps to make the software accessible to even those with little experience in the Adobe suite.
Foxit PDF brings some unique and interesting features. It provides the same PDF quality same features and tools and even more options.
I use Foxit PDF to edit important work documentation, and I found it especially helpful for use during group meetings and stressful assignments. What I love is how the text reformats as I work on the overall appearance of the file, it's quite intelligent of software to perform its tasks with such great attention to nuance. Another feature that I use a lot is collaboration on documents, I can track to see whether it has been open or edited, and it helps me follow up on time.
The Foxit PDF Creator for Windows help me so much with my personal and small business needs. This is the best PDF software that I have found so far. I really like the fact that this software can be installed through Microsoft. I am completely satisfied with this software decision.
The Foxit PDF Creator seems to me to be an extremely convenient PDF tool. The automatic conversion of webpages to PDF format from three major internet applications really stands out to me. The ability to simply push a button and be able to create these PDF forms makes the task effortless and seamless. I would highly recommend anyone in need of a PDF creator to go with Foxit.
Foxit PDF Creator is a software that allows the user to create documents and make them PDfs. The software uses existing documents in any format and allows users to change them into a PDF format or a more professional style called industry-standard PDF. The software is helpful to users that that want to change formats to PDFs or just want their documents to look more presentable.
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