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A simple Flash, Dynamic HTML, and vector graphic creation tool

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Swishzone.com Pty Ltd

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This SWiSH Max software lets the user create Flash content, Dynamic HTML design, and vector graphics. People have created a lot of amazing designs and even websites using the software. This software can be used to create: cross-platform movies, interactive movies, interactive websites, presentations, and animations. It is a simple platform, considered simpler to utilize than those like Adobe Flash. I find this a very reliable tool in the creation of many kinds of content. It is a great bargain because it is versatile and simple, but still very relevant and cheap. There are so many great products which can be created with the proper utilization of SWiSH Max. Compared to the platform Adobe Flash, this comes as more user-friendly. It also has a lot of features for a very bargain cost, for those that can't pay for the expensive software. This is popular software that has scored quite well in its ratings online, with a clear majority of users appreciating the features of this software, as well as it being somewhat lightweight and used on the popular Windows OS, so it's easy for people to run on their system.


  • Easily create cross-platform movies, interactive movies, interactive websites, presentations, and animations.
  • Less expensive than most other software of this nature.
  • It is much simpler to use than other software of this nature.
  • The software adds many automated transitions and effects.

If you are a programmer who uses the Flash platform, then you have a winner here. This is a cheap, but powerful software that will help you in a variety of different types of Flash creation. Even those newer programmers can likely get some good production by using this software. The software is available in a trial version and can be downloaded from several different internet sites.

It is simpler than other platforms like Adobe Flash.
Colin Brad
SWish Max a software which seems to be useful to work for Flash, design and graphics and as compare to Abode Flash it's is cheaper and easy to handle. It can be used for movies, presentations and animations with effects which is done automatically. It's easily available from internet sites.
SwiSH Max for Windows is a simple, easy-to-use too for the creation of vectors, HTML, and Flash. This product is remarkably easy to use compared to competitors and other similar softwares, and is a powerful technology and good value for whatever purposes you require.
SWiSH Max is an innovative and ground-breaking tool for anyone looking to utilize a tool for the creation of their own Flash, Dynamic HTML, and Vector Graphics. It is a wonderful design tool that is recommended for any creator looking to have more options available to customize their own projects. Being for Windows and free as well, this is definitely a software product you would want to get into if you want higher-quality graphics!
Harry Browne
I do not like this software, it has to do with Flash and I believe that the direction of the internet is moving towards HTML and not with Flash
Are you looking for a different option to Adobe Flash? If so, SWiSH Max has your back. With a super user-friendly interface, as well as a number of transitions and effects, SWiSH Max allows users who are a bit intimidated by or can’t afford Adobe Flash an easier, simpler alternative. This program is perfect for those who aren’t attempting to delve too deep into the inner workings and just simply want to get their flash websites and applications up and running. So if you are indeed someone who’s trying to find your preferred way of handling all things Flash, definitely give SWiSH Max a try.
The software here looks promising. Based on my research from the link below which was provided by the researcher, this software offers features that would revolutionize the internet like as cross play platform, etc.
Swish Max is a program that is not hard to use at all that helps with many things. it is a flash dynamic HTML and vector graphic creation tool. it helps those people who are constantly using HTML and are constantly creating graphic designs. this software is recommended to people who work in offices and business owners. it will help them make work easier for them.
this is a graphics tool used extensively in creating all sort of graphics ranging from normal to professional, such as movie graphics etc. it is a perfect tool because it could create cross-platform and even animations so what else would you need? its just a perfect tool.
This graphic creation tool, although outdated (final release was in 2011) is still a powerful tool for Flash and Dynamic HTML. The major draw back that i have seen is its inability to open .fla files. There are some good alternatives out there but you cannot beat the price of SWiSH Max (free)! Luckily for us, when the parent company went under, they made sure that the application would continue to be available to any one who needed it!
I found this software to be really useful when putting together and conducting presentations for work. What’s neat about it are the animation features so as to make the presentations a bit more lively and even entertaining. Would highly recommend for anyone who needs a bit of a perk at work.
The software product SWiSH Max for Windows is a high rated and highly recommended application. It is good software and deems to be very easy and efficient to use compared to its many competitors. This software is easy and simple to use for the creation of vectors, HTML and Flash. A lot of existing users already use this software to create things such as cross-platform movies. It is a very creative piece of software.
This software is a great product for many different graphic design-related needs. The software can be used to movies, animations and other flash projects, allowing users to the ability the create interactive content that can be shared across many platforms. For those with graphic design experience the interface is helpful and easy to understand. This tool would be extremely helpful for anyone in this field.
SWiSH Max for Windows is a really innovative tool that helps me make my own movies and animated graphics. Moreover, if you have a business need you can even use this program to design some sophisticated-looking presentations. The program has a lot of editing features that you can make use of, and they'll all help you take your creative project to the next level.
SWiSH Max is a software that helps with designing unique products. Flash designs, dynamic HTML design, and vectors are all possible outputs that can be created with SWiSH Max. Interactive websites can be created without using Adobe Flash. SWiSH Max provides an alternative to those who cannot, or do not want to, purchase Adobe products.
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