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Easy to use graphics editor for touching up photos

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Splashup

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Splashup is a graphics editor for touching up photos and is much like Photoshop, but not nearly expensive!!!  Developed with Adobe Air technology, Splashup allows you to resize, cut, rotate, or add texts and shapes to your images.


  • A Photoshop-like Experience.  If you're looking for something similar to Photoshop, but not with the Photoshop price, this is your software!  It offers floating tool palettes, drop-down menus, and multiple features found in Adobe's feature product.  You will not know that you're not using Photoshop when you use Splashup
  • Splashup is the only editor out of others found on the web that allows you to select part of an image and apply an effect to it alone.  It also implements layers like you can in Photoshop, allowing you to stack several images into one specific file and use various effects to each layer.
  • Open multiple photos at once!  You may be working on one photo and have an idea for another photo you plan to edit.  No reason to save and exit out of the existing picture to make that change, or wait until later to make that change, risking the chance that you'll forget your idea.  You can open multiple photos at one time and work on each of the photos.  You don't have to save one before opening another or exit out of one to access the new one.  Open multiple images and switch between them to edit the photos as your ideas are fresh on your mind.
  • Change various effects such as the brightness of your pictures, the contrast, saturation, and filters.  Use red-eye correction to eliminate the annoying red eyes that come from so many digital images of your family and friends in your special moments.

If you're not looking for advanced options that require an expensive photo editing program, give Splashup a try!  This software provides you multiple options to edit your photos in the comfort of your own home.  You don't need to be a graphic designer to use this program.  It's user-friendly and made for everyday people like you and me!

Like Photoshop BUT CHEAPER!!!

You need to install Adobe Air in order to run Splashup.

Editing images just got cheaper! Love all the Adobe options that are available (need to install Adobe Air to run Splashup) to cut, re-size, eliminate red eye, etc. One of the best features is you can work on more than one photo at once and not have to save and re-open images.
Splashup is the perfect tool for optimizing and editing your photos. It is a graphical addition tool which is also a powerful editing manager and includes several layers of support for editing. This is recommended for all who want to simplify their photo editing experience in a single interface, all while having available the amazing graphical tools which come within this free package.
Splashup for windows seems like a standard editing tool. The user interface seems old fashion and does not live up to its competitors. The functionality is promising but nothing in particular stands out to the customer over other softwares. It also does not support many formats and that could definitely be a major drawback to the user, another drawback is that there is no drawing tool support, this makes it harder for the user to control the user interface. With a few enhancements, this software could be very promising.
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