Freecorder 8

by Applian Technologies

This allows you to have audio and visual recording of your browser

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Applian Technologies

Release: Freecorder 8 8.0.1

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4825

This product is a revolutionary idea that allows a person to download their own activities while interacting with their browser or internet activity. With this, you're able to rewatch your activities or to listen to your activities. This can be done after the fact, and down be downloaded straight onto the PC. With the ability to download, you can also share and remember with others. 


  • You can record your browser activity. This allows you to rewatch and review video of whatever activity you were doing. Often, this is used for videogame reviews, so that you can watch yourself play the video game challenges. 
  • Recording yourself can also allow you to rewatch your ability to figure out a task, such as troubleshooting. Once recorded, you can download the file, and send it to others for review. 
  • Another available recording option is strictly audio, without video, which can be useful to individuals hoping to send and receive audio files for revision and comparison between collaborators. 
  • The files can be downloaded in a variety of formats ensuring that they will be available to as many participants as possible. 

Once the user downloads the product, they're directly able to control when and when not they want to record their browser or audio inputs and outputs. This file is compatible with multiple versions of the major operating systems and is also compatible with multiple films and audio editing software. This will allow everyone to edit their videos and audio files in the most professional way possible. This program is meant to give the user the freedom to give others the ability to view their screen without having to be present, which can be used for business, training, recreation, and casual fun. Why wouldn't you want to give yourself the ability to share your view of the world with others? You can now, with Freecoder8. 

rewatching your activity during a highly involved activity, such as videogames.

John Jonshon (unverified)
Anyone who gets black out drunk needs this product. Confused you bought on prime? No more. With this great I have saved myself the trouble of having to go through my wifes browsing history. Now I can just use this apps integrated features and instantly when shes spending money on stupid stuff like etsy and pintrest, Really a life saver for my peace of mind.
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