Fresh View


Gives you the ability to organize files and media

Operating system: Windows


Release: Fresh View 8.40

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Fresh View is an application that helps you organize and arrange media like audio, images, and videos. You can watch movies, view images inside of a program, and listen to music. Its layout and highly advanced options allow it to be reliable and efficient for all kinds of users. If you're someone who knows a lot about these applications, or someone who knows very little, it is simple enough to understand. Also, who likes ads? Cause this program has NO pop-ups, no advertisements that try to make a small buck. It's also built from the ground up and is very lightweight and fast, so this is something that will not take a lot of space in your storage. The option to store and view so much, while taking little space from the program itself is something that should not be overlooked.

Fresh View also supports different languages that translate quickly. And for those of us with low-end systems, this program will be very lightweight on your RAM and core processor, no more overheating when viewing or watching media. If you are a photographer, you can very easily watermark your photos to prevent stolen content. This is an all-inclusive program. Images are available for adjusted brightness, saturation, and contrast. Also, if you're using a thumbnail, you can easily change the size using Fresh View. So all of this that you see this program offers (and will continue to see) is FREE. All these features into one package are something you can not pass up.


Supports 86 different formats for easy access to media
  • UI Friendly video and image viewer
  • Supports a TON of formats, to many to name. If there's one in question for you, there's a big change it runs it.
  • Supports all modern video formats
  • Print feature for images
  • Can convert images to different formats, all within Fresh View
Fresh View 7.76 (1.97 MB)
Fresh View 7.96 (1.98 MB)
Fresh View 7.98 (1.97 MB)
Fresh View 8.08 (1.97 MB)
Fresh View 8.14 (1.99 MB)
Fresh View 8.16 (1.99 MB)
Fresh View 8.18 (1.99 MB)
Fresh View 8.20 (1.99 MB)
Fresh View 8.28 (1.99 MB)
Fresh View 8.30 (2.01 MB)
Fresh View 8.34 (2.01 MB)
Fresh View 8.39 (2.01 MB)
Fresh View 8.40 (2.01 MB)
Fresh View is an interesting new media tool. This program allows you to view and categorize all kinds of multimedia. From audio files, videos, and even slide shows to name a few. It also allows you to move content from one format to another and print with ease. Eighty six formats to be exact. To top it all off, its also a FREE download. This is the kind of product that everyone should download.
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