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Ganttproject is a Java application that allows you to plan projects using Gantt charts. With it, you can easily split the project into separate tasks, see dependencies and manage resources.

GanttProject is a java diagram software that plans projects and manages resources.

It uses an XML-based file format and can export to HTML and PDF documents using XSL transformations. The appendix is translated into 20 languages.

With GanttProject you can split your project into a task tree and assign work resources to each task. You can set up dependencies between tasks, for example, "you cannot start this task until you have done that".

GanttProject converts your project using two diagrams: Gantt Chart and Resource Load Chart. You can print your charts, create PDF and HTML reports, and exchange data with Microsoft(R) Project(TM) and spreadsheet applications.

- Simple training: You don't need thick manuals to start working in GanttProject. If you are familiar with the concepts of "task", "assignment" and "dependence", you will become an Expert Advisor in GanttProject in a few hours;

- Great price: commercial project management tools cost a lot of money. GanttProject is absolutely free;

- cross-platform: GanttProject is a Java application that runs on Windows, Linux, MacOSX and other Java-enabled operating systems;

- open source code: You can customize GanttProject to your needs, add missing functions and custom reports, etc.

GanttProject 2.8.6 (13.94 MB)
GanttProject 2.8.7 (13.95 MB)
GanttProject 2.8.10 (17.75 MB)
Its playing a import role in production status, am working as a manager in a concern, its quite easy to use them and calculate the outputs, efficiency its really help full one
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