Hardware Inspector

by Database Harbor Software

Powerful inventory tracking automation solution used by hundreds of IT administrators in every industry imaginable

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Database Harbor Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Hardware Inspector is designed for automated computer accounting. It allows you to always be aware of all the information about your computer park, get a variety of reports, plan its maintenance, repair and update.

Hardware inspector solves the task of automating the inventory of computer equipment and components, with the ability to store the entire history of movement and maintenance. The workstation revision mechanism protects computers and components against theft and substitution. Detailed control over computer configuration parameters ensures freedom and efficiency of actions for planning modernization and redistribution of devices. Reporting to material accounting is no longer a problem.

- detailed device accounting. A passport is issued for each device, which contains information about its purchase, technical parameters, history of its movement around the workplace and maintenance;

- detailed accounting of software licenses. Each license is issued with a passport, which contains information about its purchase, parameters and history of its movement around the workplace;

- registration of requests from users. Built-in recording of requests from users coming to the IT department. Messages history in the request, attached files, etc. Ability to work with web-interface;

- Consumables accounting. The program allows you to keep records of receipt and delivery of consumables, as well as to plan their needs on the basis of expenditure statistics for past periods;

- a clear tree of units and workplaces. The workstation tree of the organization can be displayed in two sections: organizational representation (organizational structure) and territorial (map). The devices are located at the workplace, also having a hierarchical structure. For example, the motherboard is inside the case, the CPU is inside the motherboard, and the cooler is inside the processor;

- maintenance of devices and workplaces. The program keeps records of any work on the maintenance of devices and workplaces: repair, prevention, etc. All the circumstances of the work are recorded, on the basis of which the reports on the work performed by the IT-department and its employees can be based;

- inventory. The program implements a mechanism for monitoring the availability of equipment at workstations using a barcode;

- moving devices and licenses. Accounting objects can be moved between workstations. The fact of moving is automatically recorded in the history of each device/license;

- the possibility of both manual and automated filling of the database. Automated addition of devices is performed by importing their descriptions from the reports of ASTRA, ASTRA32, EVEREST and AIDA32 programs (AIDA32 project was transformed into EVEREST). This will save you the hassle of your primary input work. The configuration analysis program reads data about devices "sewn" at the hardware level. The device model, manufacturer and www address, production date, serial number (HDD, CPU, monitors, memory modules and motherboards) and many other technical parameters are defined. Depending on the specific instance of the device, some of the listed parameters may not be specified by the manufacturer;

- a large set of reports. "Device passport, Workstation passport, License passport, Inventory numbers list, IP address list, Complete list of equipment, Completed work over time, etc. Reports can be exported to PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, Open Office and other formats. At the same time, the user can set up templates in the built-in visual designer, as well as create their own reports;

- mechanisms for searching for information. The program provides separate mechanisms for searching devices and consumables by filter. In addition, there is a tool "Database queries" for more flexible search of various information on the combination of data selection conditions. The selected information can be not only viewed on the screen, but also printed/exported via built-in or custom report templates;

- flexible access control. An extensive list of access rights to functions and data allows you to very flexibly configure the capabilities of each database operator. It is also possible to distribute access rights to the organizational structure trees and the map. For example, it is possible to deny employees access to the IT department's warehouse;

- multi-tenant access to the database. A single database located on a file server can be used by several users at the same time.

After reading over the information provided the fact that it has 4 starts alone is what mainly caught my attention. stated it was easy to use and after using it can agree with that. I like that the page used greed letters to point out specific things about the company like Verified 100% safe. As far as the presentation of the page came to make me feel like I can't trust them 100%, Something about the way its layed out and fonts seems to push me away from fully trusting this program.
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