Garmin Training Center

by Garmin

Improves functionality and offers tools for a Garmin fitness device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Garmin

Release: Garmin Training Center 4.65

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Garmin Training Center is software intended for use on Garmin fitness devices, such as the Garmin Instinct watch. The software offers various workout programs and tools, already preset into the software for download into the device. The software does not require an internet connection, only requires that the device is connected to the appropriate PC.


  • Has training exercises’ and programs already included to be used on a Garmin fitness device to guide the user in a workout regime.
  • Allows users to develop and tailor their own workout regime, for use on their device.
  • Analyze and track fitness data from the fitness device, and record it to track fitness progress and create long-term goals.

The Garmin Training Center is primarily intended for use on Garmin fitness devices, and as such is compatible with Garmin fitness watches. The program is offline and does require an internet connection to operate and function normally. The program comes included with various workout programs for the user to transfer and access on their fitness device. These preset programs can guide users through a workout and assist them in their fitness goals. The program also offers users the tools necessary to develop and alter their own fitness programs for use in their devices. Finally, the program allows users to sync fitness data from their device onto the PC, to view and record. Through this feature, users can track progress and analyze data, to see how they can improve their workout and monitor if the devices are functioning properly during workouts. The Garmin Training Center is offered for free and is compatible with Windows Operating Systems XP or newer. The software needs a minimum of 40.8 mb to download and run on a personal computer and requires that the user connect their device via cable or similar interface.

The Garmin Training Center is compatible with Garmin Fitness devices, and can track and analyze fitness data from the device.

Windows OS, XP or newer. Takes up a minimum of 40.8 MB of space. Intended for use in Garmin devices, will not work with other popular fitness watches or devices from other brands.

Although the program is tied to a big brand fitness and electronics company such as Garmin, the software looks cluttered, outdated (on the website it says Windows XP or later) and to complex to be a training tool. Maybe the software could be targeted to a more hard-core fan base, because a casual user would not like this program.
Garmin Training Center is a device that allows users to access many different fitness program through the app that is connected with electronic devices without an internet connection, only requires to be connected to a PC. It seems pretty good app even though the windows system is not the most up to date version.
Garmin training center is a nice update for my garmin products such as my smartwatch. It adds certain exercises and parameters for my product which added to the reusability of my garmin product and just added overall benefits to my device.
Garmin Training Center, as the name suggests, is the premier fitness tracking application. It tracks every activity throughout the day to allow you to reach your goals and also reminds users of their progress throughout their day with an assessment of progress. It is for use with Garmin devices, such as the Garmin Heart Rate Monitor, or any other.
I do a lot of physical activity, and I like to keep track of all my stats as I go along to see how effective my workouts are and in what areas I need to adjust. The Garmin Training Center does all that for me. Plus, on the good side as well, it didn't cost me a dime! It's a great way for someone like me to just have a program that I can make an effective workout plan with.
Nathan Akins
Garmin Training Center for Windows is a great software that is compatible with Garmin wearable technology. It allows you view your fitness tracking data on your computer. However, its improvement is being discontinued as Garmin switches to the development of a Garmin Connect.
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