by T-T Analyse

A free, time-series oriented tool for analyzing and solving large-scale economic models.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: T-T Analyse

Release : Gekko 1.6

Antivirus check: passed

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Gekko is a free software focused on time series, developed to solve and analyze large-scale economic models. Since 2009, it has been used in Denmark by ministries, banks, interest groups, and universities for simulating economic and energy-related models. The software operates on Windows (.NET) and is open source (GNU GPL).


  • Time series orientation for superior data analysis over time
  • Flexible databases, supporting annual, quarterly, and monthly data
  • Models that are dynamically loaded and compiled for maximum flexibility
  • Gauss and Newton solvers, inclusive of scheduling and feedback logic
  • Fail-safe mode for simulation, minimizing the risk of errors

The Gekko software also features an integrated equation browser with a list of variables, allowing easy manipulation of different variables in the models. Additionally, it supports the entry of expressions anywhere, whether it's for printing, plotting, etc., for maximum customization. For increased accuracy, Gekko consistently handles missing values and utilizes double precision.

Gekko allows for sophisticated analysis of large-scale economic models through its time-series orientation.

Another distinguishing feature of Gekko is its tab and menu system, which allows for output in text, html, or Excel. To facilitate interaction with other software, Gekko can read and write from Excel or other spreadsheets. For easy installation, the software comes with an all-in-one Windows installer, or it can be manually installed from a zip file containing gekko.exe and other necessary files.

Lastly, Gekko is entirely open source, meaning not only is it free, but users are also able to review and modify its source code to suit their specific needs. It does not require licenses for compilers, as everything is written in C#/.NET (+ gnuplot and 7zip), enhancing its appeal for users seeking to avoid licensing fees.

Windows operating system with .NET framework installed
At least 1GB RAM for optimal performance
Spreadsheet software (like Excel) for reading/writing data

Ideal for large-scale economic model analysis
Open source enables customization
Maximized flexibility with dynamic models

Has a steep learning curve for beginners.
Limited compatibility, only supports Windows.
Limited functionality compared to premium software.