by SlavaSoft

Calculate hash functions. Perfect for new cryptographers entering the crypto space!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SlavaSoft

Release: HashCalc 2.02

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HashCalc is a free simple to use software design for the Windows operating system. HashCalc was Designed by Slavasoft, a Microsoft owned company founded in 2001. It is primarily used to validate a user checksum while identifying any bugs or corruption.


  • Multiple algorithms to verify checksum utility such as SHA, MD2
  • Various methods for inputting data
  • A friendly graphic user interface that doesn't put too much strain on the central processing unit.
  • Can also be used for Hex strings 
  • Uses various calculations methods 
  • Can work up to 15gb of data
  • Simple file and drop implementation

HashCalc is an innovative calculator that allows users to test the utility of their dada. Being it was developed by a reputable company such as Microsoft, users can feel assured that they are receiving high-quality results. As a free open source program, users can modify information to ensure there is no bug or glitches occurring within the calculator. Users can suggest and update the program in order to stay relevant in today's times. Users can feel safe using this program because they are allowed to view the source code and confirmed there are no viruses within the program. Being that data breaches is the common norm in today's era, users can thoroughly check HashCalc coding and warn potential new users.

Simple software to quantify Hash and Checksum

Whenever users try to validate their data, users are notified with a green check which algorithm is currently working. The program takes low memory and does not slow down a user's Central processing unit, which allows users to multitask with other similar programs. 

Although this is a free open source, not that many people are aware of this program's existence. The program has not been updated for quite some time, but this can change backed by the right community. Overall, an Excellent calculator to use for anyone on a budget. 

Ezekial Valenzuela
HashCalc is a free open source program that can be used through multiple algorithms to verify checksum utilities. This program, created by a powerhouse company such as Microsoft, is still relatively unknown at the moment. It boasts low memory and that it will not slow down users CPU, which will enhanced multitasking with other programs.
HashCalc is the premier and speedy calculator software program for the calculation of Hash and checksum algorithms, as well as HMAC values. It is free to use and pivotal for those working with value computations such as these. I would highly recommend this to any user who would like to calculate multiple arrays of these values instantaneously. The wonderful program overall.
Ethan Cepeda
HashCalc for Windows is software that allows you to look at hash and checksum algorithms. It has 2 modes of calculations and 3 input data formats: files, text strings, and hex strings among a plethora of common filetypes for video, audio, and text. It stops at Windows XP, so you can always just run it in compatibility mode if you are running a different version of Windows OS.
I've been looking for a calculator that I can use to calculate a hash. I think I just found the perfect one. It allows me to calculate multiple hashes, checksums, and HMACs for files. It has everything I need. The GUI is intuitive too. I downloaded to test it out and it's a keeper. It's a free Windows program.
HashCalc is a easy to use calculator that allows people to compute message digests and allows algorithm computations. This is really helpful for anyone who is into math and coding. it will help those people solve those really hard math problems that help them complete a software and just be more productive in general. I think that this is a good app.
HashCalc is easy to use, it is intuitive, and does what it says. Although it calculates checksums easily, it only calculates one hash type at a time. Therefore one must repeat the operation (selecting files etc.) to produce a variety of hash types for any given file. I like it for the ease of use, as it supports many algorithms function. It is a recommended product.
HashCalc is a great product that i recently downloaded. It allows you to (as the name implies) calculate hashes and configure / create/ update them as well. I use this in order to secure my software on my computer and it seems to work very well. They use good hashing algorithms.
This is easy to use product. Anyone who calculates checksums will be pleasantly surprised at the ease with which this program works.
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