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A simple and efficient way to create schematics for manufacturing printed circuit boards

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OrCAD is simply a great suite of software programs for an electronic design engineer or electronic technician to use in order to create electronic schematics and electronic prints to manufacture printed circuit boards. OrCAD contains lots of advanced features that are simple to use but greatly enhance the power of the programs and your ability to create great schematics!

OrCAD Create is the first program, which is basically a schematic capturing program. OrCAD Create does not simulate the functioning of the electronics, but rather it exports data to be reproduced in another program. This ensures that you have reliable data that can be simulated repeatedly in any other application so that you can make sure everything is completely functional. OrCAD Create's built-in component information system even allows you to link component package data and simulation behavior data with the circuit symbol in the schematic.

You can add more functionality to OrCAD Create through the OrCAD Capture Marketplace. This marketplace allows users to share add-ons and design resources. These can significantly enhance the products that you design.

OrCAD is an entire suite of software products to address all of your electronic designing needs.

The OrCAD Suite also comes with OrCAD EE PSpice, which is a SPICE circuit simulator. This allows you to simulate and verify both analog and mixed-signal circuits. Running this alongside OrCAD Create will enable you to run a complete circuit simulation and verification with schematic entry, native analog, mixed-signal, and analysis engines.

Finally, the suite includes OrCAD PCB Designer. This program allows you to either manually trace PCB tracks or use the auto-router for simplicity. Either way, it will ensure that you have a functioning PCB. It will analyze your boards for you and run design rule checks.

Overall this is a great software suite that any serious electronic design engineer or electronic technician should check out to improve their work skills. OrCAD requires Windows 7 or later to run. You can download a fully functional trial version if you decide you like it. Pricing for individual users starts at $1,340.

The software product "OrCAD" is useful in creating electronic schematics, carry out mixed-signal simulation and electronic prints for preparing printed circuit boards, specifically for Windows. Its proprietor is "OrCAD Systems Corporation" and is written in C/C++.
Gaphical User Interface or GUI seems to be much user friendly.The PSpice add on is very good and helps in full circuit simulation.The features perform accurately but sometimes can need some manual intervention.The pricing is kept competitive.The good thing about OrCAD is that one can analyze its circuits before executing.
This is a great product for those who are already knowledgeable about computers. I would not recommend this product for someone who does not have a significant amount of knowledge of computers. For those that are experts in the field, this particular product would be quite useful.
If your an electronic design engineer, electronic technician, or just into electronics and want a great program to create schematics then look no father. OrCAD has lots of features that are simple and easy to use but enhances the program's power and your ability to create schematics. It makes sure that it only gives you reliable data that you can apply it and make sure everything works.
OrCAD PCB Designer Standard is a proven technology that allows engineers to take concepts to the production design phase. Get going fast with integrated front-to-back design features, schematic entry, pre-layout analysis, and more.
This software has cutting edge capabilities for people for perform well on their computer and they are able to see what happens in there day to day life. There is a lot of stuff in suites and it is for windows too. This is a great application for people to take a look at as well
OrCAD for Windows is a fantastic new software designed for the creation and documentation of electrical circuits through schematic designs. It has trended towards industry lately but still is a great educational tool. Previous OrCAD users can feel comfortable using it for future products as it has retained the same shortcuts as previous versions. Highly recommended.
If you’re a PCB designer then this is the right platform for you. Using OrCAD for Windows has allowed me to design layouts in a much more efficient way compared to the alternatives. I’m very impressed with how user friendly this platform is as well and I cannot recommend it enough.
It is a Cadence design system that is inputting circuit programs. OrCAD for windows is available free of cost. This software is used for Barcode generation and to generate special reports. Which will also be downloaded free of cost. This software is used in routing technologies, in design DFM, and in the interacting canvas.
Boost your productivity easy to use make schematic designs for PCB board. Affordable and scalable, built to grow with your business.it is a commercial aided design and drafting software application.it provides this information as is without warrently of any kind either express or implied.
OrCAD software is one of the electronic design automation processes. it is the origin of Oregon with CAD. It is mostly used in the windows based work. It mainly used the purpose of maintaining the database of integrated circuits. It gives the product of PCB design, schematic editor, PCB board layout, and analog or a mixed simulator of circuits. It provides the auto-router uses for the system. It has the designs like geometric shapes, curved PCB cables, and ground planes also on. It has a different types of file formats like 3MF, DWF, etc. In this software, PCB designers used to store circuit symbols and match the footprint of the PCB.
OrCAD for Windows is a PCB designing tool that allows for the creation interactive and comprehensive architecture plans. This software also allows you to store any designs or plans that you make in a library. These designs are high modifiable and able to be altered by multiple collaborators in a group project setting. This product is most useful in the engineering industry and comes with a yearly subscription with access to the product and support for the product.
When you use OrCAD for Windows, you can create the ultimate experience of the perfect PCB Design of your imagination. Whether you're into configuring toolbars and/or icons, rearranging panels, adding shortcuts, or simply doing a basic theme change, let OrCAD help you to achieve it. From faster productivity to design, OrCAD's intuitive skills will help you to bring your ideas to life!
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