Glance by Mirametrix

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Glance by Mirametrix is a software solution that enables users to monitor the attention and engagement of viewers in real time.

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Glance by Mirametrix is an advanced eye-tracking software designed to measure and analyze the user’s eye movements and facial expressions. The software is used to study how people interact with digital content and to better understand their behavior and reactions. Glance is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as market research, usability studies, advertising, and medical research.


• Automated Gaze Mapping: Glance’s automated gaze mapping technology helps to accurately track the user’s eye movements in real-time.

• Facial Expression Analysis: Glance’s facial expression analysis technology helps to determine the user’s emotional state and reactions to digital content.

• Heat Mapping: Heat mapping technology helps to visualize the user’s gaze patterns and determine the areas of the digital content that draw the user’s attention the most.

• Customizable Reports and Data Visualizations: Glance provides customizable reports and data visualizations to help you analyze the user’s behavior and reactions.

• Multi-User Support: Glance supports multiple users, allowing you to track and analyze the behavior of multiple people at the same time.

• Cross-Platform Support: Glance supports both Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

• Flexible Configuration: Glance provides a variety of configuration options to customize the eye-tracking setup to your specific needs and preferences.

• Real-Time Data Streaming: Glance provides real-time data streaming, allowing you to monitor the user’s behavior and reactions in real-time.

• Remote Testing: Glance supports remote testing, allowing you to track the user’s behavior and reactions from anywhere in the world.

• Cost-Effective: Glance is a cost-effective eye-tracking software solution that can be used in a variety of research and development projects.

Glance by Mirametrix provides an easy-to-use, accurate, and affordable eye tracking solution.

Glance by Mirametrix is a software-based eye-tracking technology. It requires a computer with an Intel Core i5 processor or better, 4GB of RAM, and a graphics card with at least 1GB of dedicated memory. The system also requires at least Windows 8 or Mac OS X 10.10 or higher and an internet connection. Additionally, the software requires an HD camera with a minimum resolution of 720p to be connected to the computer.

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Cameron E.

Glance by Mirametrix is a computer vision technology platform that tracks the eye movements of people who are interacting with digital devices. The platform enables businesses to measure user engagement and analyze user behavior in real-time. It can be used to measure the effectiveness of websites, apps, and other digital products. Glance by Mirametrix uses advanced algorithms to accurately track eye movements and provides detailed analytics to help businesses gain insights into user engagement and behavior.
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Logan Okins

Glance by Mirametrix is a powerful software for analyzing and visualizing eye tracking data. It provides user friendly and easy to use graphical interfaces for data exploration and analysis. I found it easy to set up and use, and it allowed me to quickly analyze and interpret data. The ability to export data in multiple formats was also a great feature that I found useful. The software's data visualization capabilities were also impressive, as it allowed me to see patterns and trends that may have otherwise been missed. I was also pleased with the customer service I received when I had questions. Overall, I found Glance by Mirametrix to be an effective tool for eye tracking data.
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Benjamin Maneval

1. Glance by Mirametrix software is easy to install and use. 2. The user interface is intuitive and provides a lot of useful information. 3. The metrics and analytics are very helpful in understanding user behavior. 4. The customer support team is always quick to respond and helpful. 5. The software provides insights that are useful for optimizing the user experience.
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