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A command-line program which greatly expands the extent of functions you are able to use

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Gnuplot

Release: Gnuplot 5.2.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Gnuplot is a wonderful Windows free software program that serves as a command-line program. It can create two-dimensional plots, as well as three-dimensional plots of various data, functions, objects, and fits. It is compatible with all devices on Windows, as well as for Linux, Unix, and macOS. Using it on a Windows device, I am very impressed with the number of features that it has packed into it. For example, it creates an output that is shown on screen, and in several formats of graphic files.

You can use it in interactive mode, as well as in batches when you would like to work with scripts. Also, you can open and read data files which are of a variety of formats, such as the ability to have data read and generated by other programs you have, in the form of piping. It produces output that is shown right on screens such as PNG, JPEG, EPS, and SVG. This makes it not only versatile but also very packed with features as a utility program. With it, you are able to create a multitude of graphs and figures, including histograms, labels, box plots, line graphs, vectors, and other graph components and objects. This is an essential program to have when you are working with the command-line because, in association with it, it boosts your capabilities significantly.

It allows the user to create their scripts, loops, features, variables, texts, macros, and functions, among other things. It enables you to work even with non-linear multi-set and multi-dimensional data sets for fitting in formats of curve fitting, for example.

The Code of the program is programmed in C., And peripheral outputs are via WT, LaTex, and wxWidgets, which are of C++. This is essential for those working with IT and in other aspects as well, as the command-line is basic, but with this program, you can expand upon what you are working with. It is also free to download and use, which is rare given how complicated its capabilities are.

It is user-friendly for those working with scripts, plots, and other data functions.

I would highly recommend to those working with projects in IT, or even students working with command-line that this program is looked at, as a tool and supplemental program which will make your learning experience just that much better and interactive. Please try this out and see if you like it!

Works in C language, but also compatible with peripheral outputs such as C++

  • Allows creation of 2D and 3D plots
  • Work with scripts, loops, features, variables, texts, macros, functions, etc.
  • Expands on command-line capabilities
  • Simple and easy to configure
  • Free to download
Gnuplot 5.2.4 (25.99 MB)
Gnuplot 5.2.5 (25.78 MB)
Gnuplot 5.2.6 (26.38 MB)
Gnuplot 5.2.7 (26.27 MB)
Gnuplot is an open source command-line powered application primarily for mathematical graphing. As a student with both Windows and OSX based operating systems I really appreciate that Gnuplot supports a variety of operating systems. Although there are other math based graphing options out there, Gnuplot has been around since the mid 80s, and has a team of dedicated developers to constantly update the API as well as the documentation. In this licensed and private world I think we need to support more open source applications like Gnuplot.
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