Google AdWords Editor

by Google

Free software that allows you to manage your Google ad campaigns

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Google

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Google AdWords Editor is a free program from Google, which allows you to manage advertising campaigns from your personal computer in the largest and most famous advertising network for the display of contextual advertising on the Internet Google AdWords. This program allows you to upload data from the online service, process and make changes, and then send it back to the server. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to create some sort of drafts, edit and check them, and then safely enter already prepared information into the online service. You can also work on such drafts offline. Also, this approach significantly increases the speed of work, because the information is downloaded once and becomes available for editing, rather than being loaded in parts when moving from page to page in the online editor AdWords.

AdWords Editor can work with multiple accounts at the same time. When you start the program, the Account Manager window opens, where you can manage your accounts, start downloading data immediately and use account searches. If you choose an account, the main window of the editor will open, where all the main work will be performed. You can download data from the server in two modes: "Basic data" - fast data download without additional information (estimated rates, information quality index, time of consideration, etc.) and "More data" mode - in this case, all available information is downloaded. Since the editor creates a database on the hard disk, it is recommended that you sometimes update the downloaded data to keep it up to date. To do this, there is a tool "Check for changes". After downloading advertising data you can work with them: add/remove companies, ads, manage keywords and targeting, change the location of advertising, set up the target audience, work with ads and much more. If necessary, statistics on efficiency, conversion, audience coverage, etc., can be downloaded in the Download Statistics tool for a given period of time. After the ad settings, the changed data must be uploaded to the AdWords server.

- autonomous operation;

- possibility of importing/exporting advertising company data;

- the possibility of working together on a project;

- the ability to duplicate companies;

- to get statistics for a given interval;

- two loading modes for the latest changes;

- Convenient operation and high speed of operation;

- the possibility of creating drafts;

- Automatic search and deletion of repetitive keywords;

- the ability to work with a large number of accounts;

- the possibility of cancelling and restoring the changes made;

- Russian interface language.

Google AdWords Editor is a simple and efficient tool for those wanting to edit there ad but in offline or from another device. It seems that there are many adjustments you can also make from the description and send back the ad once the edit is complete to the server.
This the first time I have heard of Google AdWords Editor so now I know whenever I want to make an ad with google I know what program to use.
This is currently ranked underneath the google adwords box directly from google, even with the in the search bar. However, once at the product description it is extremely beneficial to find that you can save AdWord profiles as templates as current popularity changes, and even make these changes offline. I would recommend this to a friend.
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