by MAX Programming LLC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MAX Programming LLC

Last revision: Last week

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iCash is a financial control program that is perfect for both home accounting and small business. It allows you to manage your income, assets and expenses, plan your budget, use the credit calculator, monitor your debts and transactions, and get all the data in the form of convenient statistics with charts and graphs. Working with iCash is simple enough, although a little training is required. Especially for this purpose, the developers have created several demo accounts that can be created at startup in order to master the principles of operation and capabilities of the program. The Database Manager window will open at startup, where the user can choose whether to create a new database or open an existing one. If necessary, the databases can be password protected.

After selecting the main window of the program will open, which consists of the toolbar with buttons of account management utilities, category editor, contacts, currency settings, etc., as well as the area with information about finances. In the special editor you can create and edit the type of categories (banks, income, expenses, debts, portfolio, assets, startup) and their names, in contacts you can find all the people and organizations with whom any types of transactions or transactions have been carried out, in currencies you can choose the currency used, convert from one to another, and you can also set up to receive the actual information about the rate at the start of the program or at a specified interval. Other iCash tools include the "Planner", in which the user can specify regular and automatic payments (e.g. monthly Internet payments or utilities), and the statistics wizard, in which you can get information on invoices, statements, balance sheets, expenditures, income and other information, both in graphical form (charts, graphs) and in various text formats.

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