Google Satellite Maps Downloader

Download small tile satellite images to the computer hard disk

Operating system: Windows

Release: Google Satellite Maps Downloader 8.31

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Google Satellite Maps Downloader is an innovation that allows a person to view global satellite images after their download from the google map. This Downloader program operates using the location parameters (longitudes and latitudes) to pinpoint and zoom in at the particular target area intended by converting these gradients into decimal degrees.


  • Assembles files into bitmaps
  • Provides satellite image viewer
  • Built-in browser
  • Provides the Coordinates Converter tool
  • Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 with 32/64-bit systems
  • Zooming support for the precision of the location's image

Google Satellite Maps Downloader is very fast and extremely easy to use symbolizing the perfect tool for quickly retrieving satellite images. The Maps Downloader's typical download duration for a square degree map is approximately a minute while the merger and integration of the download images with the previous images take approximately a few seconds. While files are downloaded in JPG/JPEG format, the image viewer is used to view these downloaded image files in a thorough and fully comprehensible manner.

Another feature worthy of the note is the archiving ability of the downloader. This means that the images are arranged and archived for a better view. As part of the download manager functions, multiple threads of images can be retrieved. As for items that are not being able to be retrieved, their information is saved in a log and can be retrieved at a future date for download.

Finally, the use of Google Satellite Maps Downloader on Windows PC is not tasking at all, uses limited or little resources, and does not affect the performance and functionality of other operations of the computer system. The Google Satellite Maps Downloader is shareware for multiple platforms and its demo is readily accessible to all users. With the free version, there exist some restrictions which are present in the full version.

It provides access to google map images at any time either while online or offline.


Jon Boy
This looks like it would be an awesome idea for having on a smartphone or in your car (android auto, etc). I am not sure of exactly how functional it would be for use on a PC or laptop, as you may or may not always have those items on your person at all times.
sam dow
It provides access to google map images at any time either while online or offline.
It did not open the program when I tried to log in. not a good experience and I did not like the way it looks, however, It does not mean that It does not work. I am not a big fun of it.
Oscar Haddad
Google Satellite Maps Downloader for Windows allows the user to download specific satellite photos from google's extensive reserve of data. The program lets you tailor your image zoom levels to your preferences and lets you download the high resolution files to your device. From there you are able to manipulate the pictures in whatever map making or photo editing software you desire.
Google Satelite is a well know and very great software and tool for all device types and programs that to map and pin directions and recurve old photos of property this program is specifically meant for the windows and to easily run the Android software on your Windows device easily.
Google Satellite Maps Downloader is a great program to have if you want to obtain the satellite images that Google Maps has. The tool keeps and stores all of those images. There are two ways that you can view those images - either in the Map Viewer, or in a combined map. The program offers various file formats for the combined map.
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