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A multi-device mirroring receiver for Windows 10 Desktop

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: App Dynamic ehf

Release: AirServer 5.5.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software works with Airplay, Google Cast and Miracast, which are the top platforms that use mirroring (allowing the screen on your phone to show up on your TV or computer). AirServer works with Intel processors to ensure that the CPU use is kept to a minimum. It also has 60 frames per second which allow for very smooth casting that will not be choppy or pixelated. It starts with a 14-day trial and I think that is a fair amount of time to see if it is something that will be of great use to you or not. This gives you ample time to test all of your devices.


  • It has a Smart Layout which means it automatically detects the positioning of the screen that is being mirrored and correctly displays that on the computer screen, for example, if the screen is horizontal or vertical.
  • It's a one-stop shop, in that there is no need to install any other apps to assist with the mirroring process. Everything you need is already built into the AirServer app. 
  • It's compatible with multiple operating systems, including IOS 12, Windows 10, and Chromebooks. So you are able to cast from your iPhone or iPad as well as the tabs on your Chromebook. 
  • This app is certified by Microsoft and every update is distributed through the Microsoft store so you don't need to worry about a 3rd party vendor or getting updates from suspect providers. 

I think AirServer is a great program that allows you to really utilize your desktop with all of your other devices that would normally require a multitude of apps, external hard drives, or purchasing more software for that one specific use. This app really rolls everything into smoothly and efficiently. Many of us do use devices from various providers and it can be a headache to find a way to make them all compatible and I think AirServer has definitely got that covered in terms of casting. There is a great value in the software for both personal and professional use. 

This software is good because it allows you to mirror all devices using one piece of software instead of needed to download different software for different devices.

This software does require Windows 10 OS or higher and it will use 2GB of memory. The cost is $19.99 after the 14-day trial. 

Jack Ryan
AirServer is a really convenient, functional solution for getting all of your mirroring and casting services to work with a minimum of fuss. It's especially helpful if you host a lot of parties or use services like ChromeCast in a professional setting - the last thing you want is to have your audience watching you fiddle with the software for 5 minutes.
Chris Morgan
There is a generous trial and the price for what it states it does is reasonable if you have the need. I like that the updates go through Microsoft and their certification. The ability to cast from a Chromebook seems more practical than casting from a phone. I also like the fact that it works across multiple platforms. If I were a Chromebook user or perhaps a cellphone/tablet app developer this would be really handy for showing and working on things and casting them to potential clients or other workers in a presentation.
AirServer for Windows provides an excellent quality streaming platform for all of your content streaming needs. Stream the Xbox in your bedroom to the big screen in your living room, or share the content of the screen on your tablet for tutorials and demos. AirServer has twice the features of AppleTV at less than half the cost. Whatever your content streaming needs, AirServer has you covered.
AirServer provides a wide variety of uses, from education to gaming. Although the software is very simple, the basis of the program allows you to display your screen onto a projector. The mirroring is 60 FPS too, making it silky smooth unlike other programs which mirror at 30 FPS. Probably my favourite part is that everything is already built in so there's no need to install any third party dodgy programs onto a client's device, this ensures that displaying information is quick and easy. The program is overall great for both business and educational presentations.
AirServer Universal is a mirroring service that allows you to cast your device display onto another display. It works great and even has some Linux functionality. I fully recommend this.
Hamish Demarr
AirServer is a software application for Mac and PC that allows users to stream audio, video, and pictures from their iOS, Android, and Windows devices to their computer screens. AirServer features AirPlay, Google Cast, and Miracast streaming protocols, allowing users to share content from their device to their computer with a few simple steps. AirServer also provides advanced features such as AirTunes audio streaming, AirPlay video streaming, and AirPlay photo streaming, allowing users to project their devices' content wirelessly to the big screen.
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