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Download and save subtitles for a video

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: google2srt

Release: Google2SRT 0.7.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Do you ever need a subtitle for a video on Youtube or Google Video? If you do, than Google2SRT is the product you should be downloading. Google2SRT is a free software program that allows users to download non-embedded subtitles from Youtube or Google Video and then convert them into another standard format that is supported by many video players. It can be run on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and XP. The steps are really quite simple. All it requires is to copy and paste the URL to the video into the program, select a folder for the subtitle file, and then choose your language. The files will be downloaded easily and quickly using the Google2SRT software.


  • Allows users to adjust the sync between a video and the subtitle with adjustment of the delay function setting. 
  • Allows users to download files in the SRT format and then gives them the ability to convert them into SSA or SUB formats, which are more popular formats, through the use of other software that is available online.
  • The software can convert subtitles or captions that are in the XML file format to SRT format.

In conclusion, this software is great for many reasons. A lot of filmmakers or TV channels have series or movies on Youtube and this is a good way for people to embed subtitles in their own language. Some videos have very hard to find captions or subtitles for, but Youtube has an extensive video library online and has availability of many different languages. If you want to watch a foreign video it may be an impossible task without proper subtitling in your language but that's what this software is designed to do. The internet houses many subtitles and this software makes the process of embedding them or downloading them a much easier task.

It is free to download and requires very few steps to use or download subtitles.
Google2SRT 0.5.3 (0.32 MB)
Google2SRT 0.7.7 (1.71 MB)
Farid Rajabi
For myself, it has happened many times that I was looking for a video subtitle But eventually I could not find it and as a result I stopped watching that video.It's great that Google has made an application for it. I think it will be greatly appreciated
Elle Jay
This app helps you download and save subtitles for videos! It also can help you sync the subtitles while you are watching the vdeo so that playback goes smoothly and everything is in the right place. This is especially great for watching movies in other languages, since you can download the subtitles for your language and be able to understand the movie.
Subtitles are very important to understand videos especially watching movies of other languages so Google2SRT enable you to download subtitles for you language and make you able to better understand the video. I think it will be greatly appreciated. its very necessary to improve the app and avail it for all languages.
Google2SRT for Windows allows the downloading, converting and saving of various subtitled from the YouTube website. It is a form of freeware for both Windows PC's and laptops and easily allows for downloading of subtitles. This is ideal for people looking into linguistics or for a better YouTube viewing experience. It allows for those looking for translations to view their absolute favorite YouTube video clips.
Joshua Swisher
From reading about Google2srt it explains that it translates embedded information from sites like YouTube to be more easily read on other sites. It's easily downloaded onto windows and it's free. There doesn't seem to be any negative reviews so if this is something you've been needing to make your life easier than I suggest giving it a try
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