by Muhammad Yaseen

An open source application that deletes files beyond the recovery

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Muhammad Yaseen

Release: Permadelete 0.5.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

Permadelete is open-source software that overwrites the data in any file; it cannot be further recovered. It is a free and open-source software for the Windows platform. Once the files can be deleted by using this application, the user cannot recover those files. The deletion process of file deletes only the location of the file; all 0's and 1's will remain in the system.

Any recovery software cannot recover those files that are deleted using Permadelete application. The interface is easy to use and user friendly. The user interface is designed with loading multiple files in the window that the user wants to erase, and by choosing to erase immediately, it will delete all the data.


The main product benefit is it can remove the files securely from the PC.
  • The perm delete can be used as a shortcut icon like a recycle bin. Just drag and drop the files over it.
  • Drag and drop option is available from explorer onto the windows.
  • Sent to a folder has the shortcut of send to perm delete.
  • It is an open-source file shredder.

It requires .Net Framework 4.5 to be installed in our system.

It is available in all languages.

Permadelete for Windows now lets you really remove any files from your computer and completely erase all trace of them. The recycling bin on your computer might seem like it removes everything but there's always something leftover and with Permadelete now there won't be anything leftover, everything will be completely erased, and you can put any fears or worries to rest!
Truly the greatest file shredder available to the windows platform. Permadelete is by far the most effective and easy to use file shredder. After an easy install it has never been easier to securely erase files from my windows PC. Does what it said on the tin and permanently deletes files in a swift and concise manor. Would highly recommend to anyone working with sensitive files or that is conscious of file and online security.
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