HDD Capacity Restore

Restore your hard drive to its original factory capacity

Operating system: Windows

Release: HDD Capacity Restore

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HDD Capacity Restore extracts the factory settings from your hard drive and uses that data to restore your hard drive to its original factory capacity, completely automatically at the push of a button.


  • Recovers LBA48 modes
  • Works with DCO and HPA
  • Freeware
  • Works with All Windows versions

Over time, a computer running Windows will slowly lose some of its hard drive storage capacity due to glitches in Windows file management operations. In other cases, software programs may interfere or corrupt parts of your computer’s device configuration overlay (DCO), disable the LBA48 address system or create host-protected areas (HPAs) on your drive. When these programs crash or are removed, some of these areas are never recovered and are unusable by your system.

With HDD Capacity Restore, you can recover all of this missing storage area and return your usable hard drive capacity to what it was when it rolled off the factory floor. HDD Capacity Restore automatically detects connected drives, determines their size, serial numbers, security state, and original factory capacity. It then uses that information to automatically restore the drive to that factory state.

The user interface is intuitive and simple: displaying the hard drive’s model and serial number, current capacity, original factory capacity, and the difference between the two (the “lost” disk space). A simple push of the “Restore Capacity” button will recover that lost disk space automatically by restoring the original LBA48, HPA, and DCO configurations. On completion, you are instructed to simply restart your computer.

HDD Capacity Restore alters your systems HDD firmware by temporarily removing it from the device management system. As such, the use of HDD Capacity Restore is not recommended for novice or casual computer users. HDD Capacity Restore may not always be able to restore a drive to factory capacity if the motherboard is blocking HPA and DCO commands.

HDD Capacity Restore is a completely automatic process.
This program is good for anyone looking to restore the factory capacity of any of your hard drives on your computer. Some companies sell 80GB hard drives but are limited to only half of that at 40GB. This program gives you the option to restore this allowing you to access the entire 80GB hard drive capacity or per se the entire hard drive of whichever your computer currently uses. This Windows program also comes with a complete guide on how to execute it properly and restore any hard drive installed in your CPU.
After taking a look at HDD Capacity Restore for Windows, i can see that this is a product which can be recommended to all as it a free tool which can be downloaded. This software has the important factor of being able to restore full factory capacity on any hard drive. This makes it very appealing. As only a restart of your computer is recommended when initially running this tool for the first time. This shows the ease of use.
This was a great product! I'm so happy I had one, my whole computer crashed due to a virus and I would have lost all of my pictures and documents if I didn't have the HDD Capacity Restore for Windows. It never is bad to have it because you never know when and if something may go wrong and its always good to plan for the unexpected. Better safe then sorry.
I love using HDD Capacity Restore for Windows because it makes it really easy to restore my hard drive to factory settings. If you're looking to give your hard drive a clean refresh and increase its existing capacity, this is a great tool to have on hand. I love that it offers support to any kind of hard drive as well.
HDD Capacity Restore is designed to help the user recover hard drive space that Windows no longer detects and allows restoration of full factory capacity of the HDD. The application is for more advanced users who are comfortable with alterting their HDD. The application displays the HDD model, serial number, and information regarding the current and factory default capacities. HDD Capacity Restore is perfect for a seasoned veteran that wants to reclaim the space that is rightfully theirs on the HDD.
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