Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive

by Embeddedsw

Mounts a virtual floppy drive on your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Embeddedsw

Release: Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive 2.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive is a program that does exactly what it sounds like. It's a program that creates a virtual floppy drive on your computer so you can access, view, edit and rename files on that virtual floppy. Now I know what you are probably thinking. Who on earth would need a floppy drive let alone a virtual one? It is a good question and the answer is just about anyone. While floppy drives might be a thing of the past, there is content that is only available via the floppy drive. With Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive you can access those files without the need for extra hardware.


  • Free to use.
  • Open source that you can edit and improve on.
  • Eliminate the need for actual hardware.
  • Create,delete,edit and view content

Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive allows you to access those really classic programs that are unable to be used on modern systems because of coding issues. In addition to that floppy drives are much better suited for data transfers and data storage. Now you might be thinking, why not just use a USB drive. However, the fact of the matter is a USB file can actually become corrupt for no reason. Transferring files via floppy actually secure your files without issue. Most people that have never used a floppy drive don't know this little fun fact. Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive ultimately will be used by people who want to access certain programs and store things for a few days at a time. The Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive program really shines with its ability to create and edit on the fly. Most files are not able to be modified at all when they are stored on CD or DVD's but when you use Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive you no longer have that problem.

Mount image files on your computer in seconds.
Abel Reyes
I can finally use my old school geek game from my old fashion and useless 90's PC computer, I am just atonic about this, I though i would never be able to play this again , i can just play them without even have them physically, i just mount this virtual floppy disc drive, download some old school games and good to go, this is just easy as that, i love this, this bring me back to the early 90, the best time of my life.
sam dow
Mount image files on your computer in seconds.
Evan Lim
Great! This product makes virtual floppys easier to manipulate and use. This product makes it really really easy to manage files in floppy format so that you can view the files seamlessly! Thank you to the designers of this amazing software!
I have been looking for virtual drives for an x86, this one was easy to navigate and the instructions weren’t complicated. I’ve tried to use two other programs like this and I couldn’t figure either of them out, their GUI was cluttered and required me to dive into my deep computer files just so I could mount an image. This program however I could figure out in seconds. This is the only image mounting software I ever want to use.
This software is good for all situations in which you need the floppy drive to be emulated. Many of the older applications still require this, and modern machines no longer have floppy drives. For anyone working with legacy software, this is a good tool to use.
Be Detailed Floppy drive And Friendly Product It Is Very Wonder To Mount Image Files Its Really Likable. Windows NT,2000,XP,2003. Its Just Feel Me Slightly Upset And My Opinion Is This Floppy Drive Available To All OS Latest version of this Drive Very Likable Overall I Like It Very Much.
This product will hold any info needed. Such as editing or creating files. You can even store photos you no longer have room for on Virtual Floppy drive.
Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive for Windows is an incredibly useful tool for those who like to fiddle around with virtual machines. This piece of software allows you to mount image files (*.img) onto a virtual floppy drive and use it like it were a normal one! This piece of software works with both 32bit and 64bit versions of windows between windows XP and 7.
Simplified is a complex and user friendly virtual floopy drive that sets up image files as a brand new resource that can be browse on any computer with a Windows. the softer it is easy to use and you can mount a floppy image file into a virtual drive and you have direct access to the content. The option are limitless, you can view, edit, delete, rename and the most important you can create filler in a virtual floppy and launch programs. I highly recommend this software and I am sure you will not regret.
Remembering the nostalgic floppy drives VFD is software that is used to mount image files as a browsable computer resource. This is open-source software that comes as a zip package and we just need to extract it to any folder. It has the feature to directly access the contents in it and we can create, edit, view, rename and delete. We can do anything which we used to do on a physical floppy disk. Since this comes in a zip package, it's very easy to use without installing.
The floppy drive is an iconic device which wowed many initially. The simplified virtual floppy device can recreate that project in real time. Windows is the OS for the software program which is being installed. Get familiar with the basic tools and how to run software on it. That can be a best bet for a lot of people in the know. The tech is useful for many various projects as well.
This simplified virtual floppy dive is pretty much just like a floppy drive from back in the day, the main difference is that it's virtual. You can do all of the same things such as view, edit, rename, delete and much more. I feel it just makes everything so much easier because it's all in one place. This virtual drive can also be used on multiple operating systems with no additional requirements.
Floppy device is one of the old version of CDs,DVDs and external USB readers storage purposes for Windows. Nowadays it is still not working manner because all the people mostly used the pen drive ,Bluetooth, and other smart devices. It is one of the expiry hardware of game installation and storage saver purposes of windows system. It is a computer hard drive for storing the file of disk images.
We can use the virtual floppy drive as mounts image files, we can directly access the contents also we can edit, view, rename ext using this virtual floppy drive.The virtual floppy drive can do anything like a real floppy drive. It helps to do things easily that we need. The virtual floppy drive makes things siple and easy for us. We can do easily some of our work that is very complex.
Never knew there was such a program completely free to use as the Simplified Floppy Drive. I'm so glad I downloaded it. I am able to launch a program, access the contents, view, edit, rename, create, delete and format files on the virtual floppy. I'm able to do almost anything with it. I recommend this as it practically eliminate the need for actual hardware.
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