HDD Raw Copy Tool


Duplicate any storage media for use in data recovery, backup, and migrations

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: HDDGURU.COM

Release: HDD Raw Copy Tool 1.10

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HDD Raw Copy Tool offered by HDDGURU is a freeware utility that allows for hard disk duplication and image creation, creating an exact duplicate of literally any drive containing any operating system.


  • Sector-by-sector copy of all areas of the hard drive 
  • Supports drives with most operating systems
  • Creates an exact raw or compressed image of the entire media
  • Skips bad sectors
  • Supports various drive manufacturers, interfaces, and many media types

It's a super-versatile tool with the flexibility to be used across most hardware and software platforms.  Use the HDD Raw Copy tool for recovering damaged drives, making backups of important data, creating drive images, and moving data from one drive to another.   Prepare for a technology disaster with this tool by preserving your drives and all the information stored on them.  Migrate your data, back up your data, restore your data all in a reliable and low cost (free!) way.

Works with ALL varieties of storage media

Currently, the HDD Raw Copy Tool is offered as a FREE download on services like CNET.  

One five-star reviewer on CNET states the tool is the "Most reliable tool for backup" and also describes the tool as "Free, Fast, Accurate, Reliable and So simple to use".

  • Supports drive types: SATA, IDE, SAS, SCSI, SSD 
  • Works with these media types: USB, Firewire, SD, MMC, memory stick, and Compact Flash media. 
  • Important: Copy sector-by-sector from one drive to another requires the destination drive to be of an equal or greater size to the drive being copied.
  • Released: September 22, 2011
Nick Ellis
This is the software that allows you to duplicate the various files on your hard drive and helps with backing up files
Sarah F.
Duplicating a hard drive disk can be a challenge for many people. Think about HDD raw copy and see how the program will work. It is a tool that is easy to use and quick to deploy for any given purpose today. The HDD raw copy program has wowed people with what is accomplished. Think about the program and make it work for those that are interested in it. The instructions are easy to follow and people learn the details going forward. Take a page from the instructions to learn some basic tips. That will advance the skill set of new users and help them understand this product. First, look at the reviews for HDD RawCopy on the market. That will astound anyone who wants to try out the program. The utility is going to be praised by many sources. Critics have issued some praise for the software. That program has been working for the betterment of the user. That explains why many users rate the program so highly in their everyday use. The program deserves a second look by the user base. People can write new reviews and make the project work in short order. That adds to the popularity of the HDD raw program for those interested in it. The cost of this software would appeal to most new users. They see real potential in the program and its capability each day. The ability to duplicate files as is needed should be very appealing to new users. The cost is free and that adds to the availability of the program for those it can benefit. The HDD raw copy is preferred among a lot of users today. They trust the features to deliver great performance overall.
This product is easy to use hard disk that allows for duplication and image creation. For anyone trying to create images and duplication, this could definitely work well. It offers a manageable service and works well. I like that this is compatible with a variety of different flashcards.
A data recovery software which is free and compatible for windows up to 8 supports most of the interfaces you can recover your data migrate completely from one drive to the other you can also make backups and OS hardware can be restored using compressed image
This tool does a fantastic job making exact duplicates of multiple hard drive types. It works with any USB or memory stick. I have had an easy time doing it so far. If you are trying to boot windows 10 from a flash drive then you are in the right place. This is the tool for you.
I can't state how good of a tool this is for data recovery, data migration, backing up files and hard drives. I had to use this to recover some lost data from a friends computer, and we got nearly everything back. Keep in mind this doesn't seem to work on windows 10, but it works fine on any older systems.
I've never heard of any software like this before so it's definitely something unique. With functions such as providing data recovery, allowing duplication, and creating backup and more, it's definitely going to be used a lot by professionals or even everyday people. The tool seems easy to use and they also provide a free version, which is great. It's also awesome that the software is able to generate either the raw image or a compressed version of it, allowing space for more things.
it is used to make a duplicate copy of hard disk if any copy in hard disk are missed it is very useful in that situation
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