by The Firmware Umbrella

Save the SHSH in our computer, emulate a server and work with iTunes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The Firmware Umbrella

Release: TinyUmbrella 9.3.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It is an application that can be used from the PC, be it Windows Mac Intel, Mac PPC, and Linux.


  • TinyUmbrella is a program thanks to which we can save the SHSH in our computer, emulating a server and, in this way, to fool iTunes. SHSH is a digital signature that is needed to install a firmware. This signature is specific to each iOS and even for each iPhone.
  • You have the advantage of being able to go to a new version without losing any of your data, so you do not have to worry about that.

As a conclusion, we can say that this is a useful and good tool, very convenient for those who do not want to change the phone, but if you update the version, so you can give a better use to your device, and make it functional. All this in a very easy, fast, and simple way, with the help of this program.

It allows saving your SHSH file, as well as unlocking the device

This is a not very popular application, but it is used by many people, because ... we can think, and imagine the following hypothetical scenario: you have a phone with which you really feel satisfied, and you do not have the neither need nor the economic resources to change it for a newer version. But then apple advances constantly, and launches many more phones to the market, with obviously updated versions of the operating system. So, what happens before this? As your phone is becoming obsolete, every time you can enjoy fewer applications, and the operating system will be very late.

Then before this, we get an excellent solution, called TinyUmbrella, which allows you to keep your device, but with the updated operating system version.

Tinyumbrella is a great idea! As technology keeps advancing this program allows you to keep the phone you already love but still keep it up to date with the latest software! Which means you get to save money by not having to buy a new phone every couple years to keep up with technology!
a good software or app more usefull and power than itunes, have better and more tools than the apple software, a good way to kip the ¨recovery mode¨ of the apple products, its no popular but if the people probe it will be amazing
Max Savage
Tiny Umbrella is a lifesaver. Theres not many other softwares like it that are this easy to use. In summary it easily saves SHSH blobs on ur device and makes restoring your iphone so much easier. When you find out you have to restore your iphones firmware you freak out because you think it will be difficult but Tinyumbrella makes it all that much easier. I highly recommend
Not Only Exit Recovery Mode, But Also Downgrade iOS & Recover All iOS Stucks
I absolutely love TinyUmbrella. It's a software program that's really come in handy when I've needed to restore content on my iPhone. This program is free to use and works well across different Windows models; I definitely appreciate how compatible it is on my devices. TinyUmbrella has ultimately given me a way to restore my iPhone's firmware in a quick and efficient manner.
TinyUmbrella for Windows is a great tool to keep on your iPhone. You'll be able to use TinyUmbrella to restore your phone even after it's been modified to remove Apple-imposed software restrictions. TinyUmbrella is perfect if you need to get your phone back to its original OS in a safe manner. Best of all, it runs quickly and efficiently so the restoration doesn't take much time.
It's a tiny umbrella that keeps you safe. It is free and it will restore your jailbroken iPhone system using your already existing accounts. It's no struggle just install and it will detect your phone. You can use it any time and it is very simple o use. It's so amazing that you don't need to worry anymore about broken phones because tiny umbrella got you covered.
I was able to restore my jailbroken IOS device back to another IOS device version thanks to Tiny Umbrella for Windows and it was super easy to do. Now I can continue using my system even after Apple's new update broke my jailbroken IOS phone. I am really happy with Tiny Umbrella. Thanks, Tiny Umbrella for making my iPhone experience better and easier!
TinyUmbrella for windows is an important tool that iPhone users can us to restore jailbroken iPhone by running it in the background of the PC to collect information about the iPhone
TinyUmbrella has been a wonderful piece of software to work with. I use it when I want to downgrade my firmware on my iOS device, and is ideal for when you are jailbreaking, want piece of mind (for backing up previous iOS versions), and accessibility. It is super easy to use, and all you have to do is connect your device with a USB cable to your computer and it will upload your firmware to a remote server that is accessible whenever you decide you need it! If your iOS firmware ever corrupts, a jailbreak fails, or you want to simply regress into an older iOS firmware, TinyUmbrella is the software you need because it helped me out a lot. The best part is if the remote server containing the firmware is ever having technical issues, with a USB key you can use iTunes to downgrade your firmware as well! The software is very functional and I would definitely use it again, and again. One other thing I would like to mention is that unlike other software in this genre, I have experienced no glitches or bugs with TinyUmbrella which is fantastic! Love this software!
My iphone was stuck in recovery mode. Thank goodness for TinyUmbrella for Windows for getting it out of that. It's a useful tool for when I am in a bind. It also fixed itunes errors I was having. Basically anything goes wrong I run TinyUmbrella and most likely it will fix it. Definitely a must have.
TinyUmbrella for windows is tool which we have at our disposal .It is also one of the powerful tool. It is very safe and secure use this software product. It is also free to download the software. It is used in all the modern version. It is supported in windows and MAc and also in iphone it is a great tool to use. It is a open source application. It can restore phone even after it is modified.
I had been iphone use for a while now. My mobile crashed and had various issues. Had been looking for an apt app for the troubleshooting. Finally, I found this app which resolve my issues at one shot . I'm impressed with this app and will be recommending to all my friends to use it as it helped me retain pervious version of the applications which i was well versed with. I dont really have to go through the trouble of learning everything update and new thing that is launched which not really useful for me in real life.
Tiny Umbrella is a tool to help get your iphone out of recovering mode. Simply plug a USB cable from computer to iphone and let the TinyUmbrella get you out this problem. Sometimes if it's more serious SHSH Blob will downgrade your iphone but nothing serious will cause an impact to your iphone's experience. It's free!
TinyUmbrella for Windows helps me pull up a previous version of my iPhone that I'm more familiar with so I can continue using that version instead of the newer one. It's a very handy tool to have access to, especially if Apple has phased out certain features on its later version that you still want to take advantage of.
TinyUmbrella is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal. It was a tool that we once used for downgrading iOS firmware to an earlier version, mainly for the purpose of installing a jailbreak.
This software will benefit many of those who are looking to downgrade their software. Now more than ever, many phones and computers hold more storage options than we know what to do with. This Tiny Umbrella software will help to reduce this! If you would benefit from downgrading your software, I wouldn't recommend any other provider but Tiny Umbrella software.
It is the software which is used for the iPhone user's running IOS that can revert our phone firmware to a previous section. It is free, safety and secure software that can be installed in all the IOS operating systems.It can be easily restored by the iOS in all the time. They can be varied by all the timings in all the computers or laptops.
TinyUmbrella is a neat piece of software that all iPhone users who jailbreak should have handy. Basically, it reverts your phone back to a previous IOS version. This is handy in case you mess up a jailbreak and brick your device. I have used it a couple of times to revert my old iPhone, it has seriously been a lifesaver. It’s fairly tricky to use, but the website does state that it’s not recommended for beginners. If you know what you’re doing, then this software is highly recommended, it will save your phone easily.
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