by Eugene Suslikov

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eugene Suslikov

Last revision: Last week

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In general, HIEW (Hacker View) is a hexadecimal file viewer that can be used to change one or two bytes in its own or someone else's application. HIEW also includes tools for viewing OMF/COFF object file dumps and supports NE/LE/LX/PE/ELF executable libraries. The program also has many different features that make it easier to find, replace and edit data, as well as useful functions such as: encryption/decoder, built-in calculator, etc.

- ability to view and edit files of any length in text/hexadecimal mode, as well as support decryption;

- has a built-in x86-64 disassembly and assembly;

- has a physical and logical engine for viewing and editing data;

- supports the following executable formats: NE, LE, LX, PE, PE32, ELF;

- for Netware Loadable Modules supports modules such as NLM, DSK, LAN;

- has a built-in sample search function in the disassembly;

- has a simple built-in 64-bit data encryption/decryption system;

- has a powerful built-in 64-bit calculator;

- has a block of operations: reading, writing, copying, moving, pasting, deleting, encrypting;

- has built-in search and data replacement functions in many files;

- will support the launch of macros from the keyboard;

- supports Unicode encoding;

- supports external modules (HEM).

Andrew (unverified)
Hiew is a software that was designed and tested by Eugene Suslikov. The Hiew software is a editing powerhouse and is highly effective. The hiew is a great editing program and file sharing process and applicator. The Hiew software is a product to be admired and respected.
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