by Bandisoft

An image viewer that's fast, free, and easy!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bandisoft

Release: HoneyView 5.31

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4915

This freeware is an easy download that's compatible on multiple Windows operating systems including the big ones like XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. It's just a 32-bit download that is updated on the regular and is only a few months old as of it's the latest refresh. And this free software is safe to use, so no worries about viruses, spyware or adware. This will not mess up your system, but it will significantly help you and make your life easier, which is what we all need in life. In addition to viewing images this Honeyview can also convert, edit, resize, animate and archive for all your image needs. 


  • Contains the image formats: Jpeg, GIF, BMP, PNG, DDS, JXR, PSD, TGA, TIFF, PGM, PCX, JP2, J2K, PPM, PNM, BPG, and WebP. 
  • Contains the formats for Raw Images including DNG, CR2, SR2, RW2, RAF, PEF, NEF, ORF, and NRW. 
  • It can archive and view images without having to do any extractions in the following different types of formats: ZIP, 7Z, RAR, TAR, CBR, CBZ, and LZH.
  • It can give you details on the gPS information of the picture and also display EXIF in a Jpeg viewing.

In conclusion, this software eliminates a problem we've all run across at some point when a deadline was fast approaching and we were in a jam. But no more! This image viewer doesn't just open your images, butit can convert them into any other format you might need for projects, presentations or just for fun. It's highly adaptable to operating systems, and who doesn't like a program that's free and really helps you out in the long run? Plus all the updates mean that the latest versions keep amping up the speed and efficientcy at which you can use or rework your images, which we all have too many of anyways. 

This software can view and convert so many different types of images that you neevr knew you needed until now.

HoneyView 5.05 (6.21 MB)
HoneyView 5.06 (6.23 MB)
HoneyView 5.07 (6.46 MB)
HoneyView 5.08 (7.27 MB)
HoneyView 5.09 (7.33 MB)
HoneyView 5.10 (7.34 MB)
HoneyView 5.11 (7.29 MB)
HoneyView 5.12 (7.32 MB)
HoneyView 5.13 (7.33 MB)
HoneyView 5.15 (7.32 MB)
HoneyView 5.16 (7.32 MB)
HoneyView 5.18 (8.94 MB)
HoneyView 5.19 (7.46 MB)
Al Downs (unverified)
This free software has helped me so much! With this software, I am finally able to convert all my images to one format and easily edit them in one place. The photos I use for presentations were very unorganized and in different formats before downloading this app but now I can create presentations with ease. This software was also great for archiving my own personal photos and it is continually updated.
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