HP Webcam Software

by Hewlett Packard

Webcam software that optimizes the functionality of your HP notebook's webcam

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hewlett Packard

Release: HP Webcam Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HP Webcam Software is a software suite provided by HP that is specifically developed to optimize the built-in webcams that come with HP notebooks and computers. As a software package that is lightweight and easy-to-install, HP Webcam software allows users to make use of the integrated webcam built into their HP notebook to video chat with friends and family while also capturing videos and still images of the chats. Recorded segments and image stills from video conferences and video chats enable the user to store, keep, and endlessly replay key segments of their video conversations.

The HP Webcam software makes uses of proprietary code to optimize your webcam's video and image feed properly. Instead of the low quality and grainy notebook webcam images and video quality, many users are used to seeing, HP Webcam software maximizes the capability of your notebook's built-in webcam. It provides the user with an image quality that is crisp and clean. The tools provided by this software package also assist the user in all different HP functions. The screen capture tool allows users to capture their screen at any given time, which can be extremely useful for creating tutorials and other computer-based demonstrations. The software also enables the use of handy keyboard shortcuts that allow you to edit your captures and recordings with great precision to facilitate the easier sharing of clips and images. 

The best part about HP Webcam software is that it comes pre-bundled in with your HP notebook and can be downloaded free of charge off of HP's official website. The program is continuously being monitored for stability and to enable extra user functionality.

One thing that is important to note is that this software only runs and works on supported HP notebooks and computers. Should a user try to install this software suite on a non-HP computer, the software will not run, and the installation will fail and will not allow the user to take control of their built-in notebook webcam. This software should only be attempted for installation on manufacturer-approved HP notebooks.

Enables the capturing of high quality images and videos

  • Optimizes your built-in webcam for enhanced performance
  • Enables crisp and clear image quality
  • Allows you to use your built-in HP notebook webcam for video chatting and videoconferencing with people all around the world
  • Capture still images and video recordings of your video chats
  • Screen capture tool which allows you to use keyboard shortcuts for editing and trimming clips with precision

Runs on: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
License: Free

HP is most like brand and most people using HP Brand thing. its very low cost and more feature. its a top level brand in the world. Most persons using webcam. its very useful for office meeting and online classes for children's. webcam quality is clear and high quality cameras are using the HB brand. so we can see the face and pictures clearly and high quality range.
I use hp webcam software for windows with my existent webcam and it works great. It's lightweight so it doesn't take up much room. Download was easy. It only requires about 31 megabytes of memory. It's available in many languages too. The interface looks cool. I am enjoying this free piece of software.
HP webcam software for windows is free to download. It is user friendly and good for beginners. It only requires 30 MB storage space. The manufacturer is hp. It supports multiple languages.
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